Edge of Spider-Verse # 3

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 November 2014

Edge of Spider-Verse # 3
 Aaron Aikman: The Spider-Man
In the third book of Edge of Spider-Verse, we learn about yet another new character, who is also not a Peter Parker. This guy is called Aaron Aikman and in his world, he is known as The Spider-Man.

Aaron is more of a techy, who seems more like an Iron Man with spider powers.  He has silk spinners instead of webbing, a neuro-pulse stinger, catapult propulsion boots, and a helmet with a zillion features.

This Spider-Man probably lives somewhere in Japan based on his name, and the names of the people around him.  ( No facts here)

Spider-Man’s love interest is his boss, another genius scientist named Dr Kaori Ikegami. Dr Ikegami’s daughter was hit by a car and the couple have been trying to work on a cure for her ever since.  Recently however, Dr Ikegami has been pushing Aaron away and he now rarely sees her often.

Aaron has been working to stop a serial kidnapper – Namurah. In his last encounter, Spider-Man was beaten. He has since upgraded his silk, ready for round two. After detecting a pattern in the kidnappings, Aaron prepares to take out Namorah.

Strangely however, he is visited by Dr Ikegami on the night of his planned attack on Namurah. At first she is happy to see him and wants to run away together. It doesn’t take long however for some typical women misunderstanding to take place and Dr Ikegami soon runs out the door crying.

Confused, Aaron decides he cannot deal with this tonight and continues with his work as the Spider-Man. He searches for Namurah and finds her with ease. When he proceeds to attack her just as she is about to kidnap another victim, he realizes that it is not Namurah, but a previous victim of the kidnappings, dressed in Namurah’s costume, carrying out her dirty work who now goes by the name Daarroh. Daarroh tells the Spider-Man that there are others like him. He also tells him that he saw death coming for Spider-Man in the portal between worlds.

Daarroh’s host soon becomes lifeless and reverts to the kidnap victim. The Spider-Man, as Aaron, takes him to the hospital where the doctors explain that they found a bio engineered neural interface, similar to that which he and Dr Ikegami were once working on.

At once Aaron goes to visit Dr Ikegami. There he learns the truth about what his girlfriend was up to. She explains that after she left him, she became consumed with curing her daughter. She eventually succeeded to bring her daughter to life, but her daughter was not truly herself. When she woke, she complained that there was another there with her. This other, aka Namurah, soon took over her mind.

Thinking that it was her daughter, Dr Ikegami did whatever her ‘daughter’ asked. In doing so, he had helped this being possessing her daughter to carry out the kidnappings. Dr Ikegami had helped create more similar suits, much like Namurah’s to be worn by the kidnapped victims to become portals to Namurah’s kind.  They will soon destroy and rule the world at the rate they are growing.

Spider-Man rushes out to try to stop the herd of monsters walking around in the kidnap victim’s bodies, but is met by Morlun, ( or it might be one of his brothers, I am not too sure).

After reading this issue, the only thing I can think of is that this time travelling, alternate universe and portals are getting really confusing. There is a little too much going on with these portal bad guys from different dimension.

Here on this earth, we have one group of monsters coming to earth’s dimension through a machine that Aaron and Dr Ikegami once built, meant to help the paralyzed. The Spider-Man is the only one who might be able to stop them, however, he is about to get very busy with Morlun, mostly likely meaning that his earth is about to be destroyed for good. The story and build up, unlike the previous two issues is much more interesting and would actually be interesting to read as a stand alone which could be revisited in time to come. 

Needless to say, one of the groups of Spider-Men will certainly come to save Aaron just in the nick of time and he will be recruited to help the cause.  Aaron Aikman is of course a totally new character, having no relation to Peter Parker or any other character similar to the universe we know about. There is no variation of Aunt May, Uncle Ben, MJ, or Gwen which is a first, making this universe quite unique, with the exception of there still being a Spider-Man dressed in red. He somewhat resembles gundam toys, or one of those Japanese characters with huge feet, which makes sense I suppose seeing that everyone in this world seems to be Japanese of some sort. 

If there was a Spider-Man who might be able to match the intellect and logical, emotionless thinking of Spider-Ock, it might be Aaron Aikman. I would certainly be interested in seeing the development of this character, if he does not get killed too quickly.

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