Edge of Spider-Verse # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 November 2014

Edge of Spider-Verse # 5

While, I was not entirely sure if Edge of Spider-Man # 4 took place in a Japan equivalent country, this Spider-Man has to be asian. Somehow Americans always equate asians with Robots. Strangely however, they all have English names in this world.

The first page shows someone who looks like an oriental Peter Parker dying. The second panel shows "Aunt May and Uncle Ben" introducing themselves to the kid of that oriental Peter.

The child's name is Peni, and her father's SP//dr suit can only be used by her due to her genetic compatibility.  There is also the need for an actual spider to accept the child in order use the suit, quite strange, yet original.

Five years later, Peni has grown a little and is part of Sp//der, busy fighting bad guys, most recently Mysterio. After defeating Mysterio, Peni gets a visit in school from someone that appears to be the Daredevil of that world.

He explains to her that Mysterio was part of a group of criminals who's intelligence and physicality was altered. Mysterio is willing to help the good guys out of his admiration for SP//dr. ( It's quite strange)

The two talk a little about Peni's father on the way to stop the bad guys at the location Mysterio tipped them with. "Daredevil" explains how that even through the armor it seemed that a part of her father was missing, but he was overall a cool guy.

After the fight, Peni decides she wants to take the subway home. There she is greeted by Spider-Ham and that old version of Parker from the future back in one of the older issues from JMS' time.

Though Peni find's them strange, her spider seems to trust them, and as such, she trust's them. The three of them proceed to collect Peni's SP//dr suit and then head off together.


Same old character, completely new concept. Spider-Man has become a little girl controlling a giant unstoppable robot. As it that is not crazy enough, there is a pet spider, known as the spider who chooses its partner, likes music, and helps control the robot?

This character and universe has immense potential for a good story. As a reader, I am already wondering what's up with the spider, how did Peter die, what was he missing in life that Daredevil could pick up from under the suit, and is this guy even Daredevil? Also, who was Peni's mother?

It is a great use of familiar characters who look nothing like their 616 counterparts. Sending Spider-Ham, a cartoon, to pick up the kid was also a pretty smart way to introduce him to the team.

Though I already know the answer due to this being a late review, when I read this my first thoughts were also wondering which team these three would belong to, hoping it would be to the Spider-UK group.

Personally, I am also glad they brought Spider-Man in a jacket into the picture, as I have always been waiting to see him again ever since he first appeared many years ago in Amazing Spider-Man # 500, mainly because of his cool jacket and the fact that he too ended up with Mary Jane. Then again, with there being so many realities, this could be a different Spider-Man than the one at the graveyard in that jacket back then.

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