Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 12 November 2014

Spider-Man 2099 # 1
Firstly, apologies for this extremely overdue review. Our reviewer for this series has been away/ busy and has not been able to handle any of the reviews he was supposed to do. As such, I am doing some catching up so we can have Spider-Man 2099’s spider-verse review up asap!

The story
After being stranded in the year 2014 as the result of some time travelling problems during Superior Spider-Man, Miguel O’Hara has been trying to find a way back to his own time – 2099, under the guise of Michael O’Mara, while making appearances as his own version of Spider-Man when necessary.

This issue begins when a futuristic robotic time cop of some sort appears on the road, resulting in a lorry accident. An onlooker checks to see if the time cop is okay, but is killed by the time cop, as he has been analysed to never marry or have any children, thus rendering him useless to the future’s wellbeing. The time cop then takes off with the dead man’s vehicle. (A little overkill for a car if you ask me)

Meanwhile, Miguel is looking for an apartment to stay at. He notices some blood on the floor, but his
real estate agent tries to cover up saying it is some “mercurochrome”. A cleaner is then called up to clean the “mercurochrome.”

As it turns out, the cleaner is actually the girl whom Spider-Man 2099 saved the other day, who did not want to be saved- Tempest. See Amazing Spider-Man # 1. Just like she was the other day, Tempest had a gloomy, “I hate life” vibe to her. Miguel tries to make some small talk but fails.

Miguel swings to work as Spider-Man 2099 wondering about the girl. Over at Alchemax, the time cop enters the building searching for Spider-Man 2099. He asks the security guards the answer to Spider-Man’s location and kills one of them, after analysing that he does not have any major contribution of the future. The other security guard is not threatened with death, but with serious injury, as he should not be killed due to one of his offspring curing cancer.

Afraid, the security guard sends the time cop up to the eighth floor where Miguel and Tiberius are having an argument about selling the remaining Spider Slayers to a country under dictatorship. Upon hearing that their unexpected visitor is coming, Tiberius hides in a safe, leaving Miguel alone with the time cop.

We learn the cop is from the year 2211, a time where time travel is illegal. As such he is here to kill Miguel. Miguel drops the holographic suit and becomes Spider-Man 2099. He tries to escape from his pursuer and ends up in Liz Allan’s office. 

Liz automatically realizes that this is not the same Spider-Man she knows due to his voice sounding older and his lack of jokes. When the time cop finds them, he offers Spider-Man 2099 a deal. One of the reasons Miguel must be killed is due to some activity he does with Liz during his time in 2014. The time cop offers to kill Liz Allan instead of Spider-Man, thus solving the problem.

Spider-Man 2099 agrees, but causes the time cop’s gun to backfire just as he is about to shoot Liz, resulting in the time cop killing himself.

After the incident, Liz calls for a background check of everyone working in Alchemax, having suspicions that this new Spider-Man is one of her employees.

This first issue creates a perfect start to what is obviously going to be a great story in time to come. We have hints from the future about activity between Liz and Spider-Man 2099 that requires a time cop to kill either one of them.

We also have a side story with the cleaner girl , Tempest, who didn’t want to be saved. One issue into the series and Spider-Man 2099 is already making friends… sorta.

The issue’s cliff-hanger leaves the reader wondering two things mostly. :
  1.  Will Liz find out that Miguel is Spider-Man 2099?
  2. What is so important that Liz and Miguel do in this timeline that a time cop had to come?

There is also the issue of Tiberius wanting to sell the Spider Slayers to a dictator overseas, which will be visited in the following issues.

I also enjoyed a subtle humor the robotic time cop portrayed in the issue which made it more enjoyable, in addition to the awesome fight scenes..

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