Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 2

Posted by bulletproofsponge 12 November 2014

Spider-Man 2099 # 2
Women and Secrets
This second issue begins with Spider-Man 2099, slightly annoyed that everywhere he goes, he has to stop some form of crime as Spider-Man. For instance, in the bank robbery he is currently stopping, all he actually wanted to do was deposit some money.

 As Miguel, Spidey drops by Tempests’ place, which is presumably below his,
with some flowers. He claims it is to thank her for cleaning up the blood the other day. Though rejected at first, Tempest eventually opens the door to him and they have some small talk about their past a little. Miguel eventually drops the bomb and asks her how sick she is, having realized that the only reason for a girl like her to hate life so much is that she must be quite sick.

At this, Tempest gets angry feeling that her privacy in invaded and throws a glass at Miguel, telling him to get out. Miguel catches the glass full of water and places it back on the table before he leaves.

As Miguel gets back to his apartment, he is greeted by Liz Allan who wants to have a chat.  Miguel invites her into his home, that currently only has a chair. He invites Liz to sit on his only chair. ( This had me laughing)

Liz explains that she did a background check on him. There are only 2 Michael O’Mara’s, who who plays in a band called Sleepway and the other who owns a bookstore in UK. She also found out that his social security number belongs to a Michael O’Mara who died in 1968. She eventually comes out clean and tells him that she suspects him to be Spider-Man.

While at first envisioning himself throwing her out the window, Miguel eventually confesses a half truth to her, telling her that he is actually from Alchemax of the future, year 2099, tells her his real name and that he came to the past to save his grandfather Tiberius. He denies being Spider-Man however.

Having changed into some ridiculous futuristic clothing, Liz’s first question is about how he changed so quickly. Miguel explains the hologram to her which she accepts. Miguel asks her to keep his secret between them to which she responds by kissing him.

 Just then, Tempest comes into Miguel’s apartment. She asks about Liz and questions why his boss left lipstick on his lips. Tempest then opens up to Miguel and tells him that she is suffering from leukemia, tells him that she has a few months left to live at most and then leaves.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Liz was the mother of evil little Normie, and is somewhat of a bad guy herself, as portrayed in some previous issues, I’d say Miguel was having a pretty good day. After revealing half the truth to Liz, she was not mad, neither did she threaten to fire him, instead she kissed him! It truly does not get better than that (provided your boss is as hot as Liz Allan is in this issue)

As for Tempest, she remains to be a small side story of some interest to Miguel. As opposed to the previous action packed issue, this second issue had almost no Spider-Man scenes, except for the beginning where he was stopping a small robbery.

Obviously the only thing that actually mattered in this issue was the scene between Liz and Miguel, posing questions to whether their relationship will develop further. If it does, could this be the ‘activity’ that the time cop from Spider-Man 2099 # 1 was talking about?

While Spider-Man 2099 himself may not be much of a joker, I find that the writing style in this comic has far more humour than the Amazing books. The chair being the only furniture in the apartment, Liz’s expression at the sight of it, and the fact that a whole page was dedicated to Miguel imagining himself throwing Liz out the window and telling her about it was brilliant!

Great writing. 

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