Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 17 November 2014

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 5
Edge of Spider-Verse: Tie-in

This issue begins on Earth-98120, where the Spider-Man 2099 of that earth is part of the Avengers. Spidey tells his team members about how he has an uneasy feeling that he is being watched. Capt A assures him that he is not alone is whatever is coming for him.

Just then, Morlun comes in through a portal and kills Spider-Man after easily defeating his team members who tried to come to his aid.

At the time of that Spider-Man's death, our Spider-Man 2099 in the 616 universe gets a massive pain in his head while in pursuit of a helicopter. He eventually comes to be and finishes chasing the crooks but can't seem to figure out why he had the mysterious pain.

Back on world 98120, Morlun, after defeating the Avengers and killing Spider-Man 2099 of that world senses that he is being watched by Spider-Man 2099 from earth- 6375.

For a proper explanation about who this Spider-Man 2099 is, see this article here.

This version of Miguel ended up with Mary Jane after his many adventures with the Exiles. He has been observing Morlun and in the following panels we see him preparing to run to earth 616 using some old Exile equipment from his time with the Exiles, where he believes Morlun would not dare come due to him previously dying on that earth at the hands of Peter Parker of earth 616. 

Mary Jane decides that she wants to follow Miguel as well.

Back on earth 616, Miguel pitches the idea of building a super prison, much like Peter first intended, to Liz and Tiberius. Considering that Parker Industries recently failed accomplish the project, Liz agrees to the idea. Just then, both the Miguel’s, in their own earth’s get another splitting pain in the head. Another Miguel from earth – 96099, a reality created by Lyla (according to this article), is killed.

After the excruciating pain in his head, Miguel ( on earth 616) decides to go to the roof to get some air. There, he sees a portal opening with another version of himself with a Mary Jane coming through. Before his other self can make it through the portal however, he is killed from the back by Morlun. The Spider-Man 2099 from earth -6375 falls dead through the portal into our Miguel’s arms.

Miguel, now as Spider-Man 2099, challenges Morlun to face him. Morlun however, is afraid to enter through the portal and backs away. Miguel decides it’s time he finds Peter Parker and tells him what is going on.


This issue was brilliant, much better than the previous four, for obvious reasons. Firstly, it tie’s into Spider-Verse. If that itself is not good enough, we get to see a little of what had happened to the version of Spider-Man 2099 who joined the Exiles ended up with Mary Jane. While it was great to see that he was doing fine, it wasn’t the greatest to see him die so soon.

Obviously, Marvel is using this event to do away with previous characters that are no longer being written about, and to create new characters with new fresh stories to be told.

Having not followed the Exiles from before, it was a little confusing finding out who was who ( nothing to difficult however with the help of marvel wiki)

There is no sign of Mary Jane’s death, and it is also unlikely that Morlun would kill her as she is not a spider totem. Then again, Morlun did kill Miguel’s father of earth 96099.

I realize that reading this review must be quite confusing with the mention of each earth. The comic itself however is quite well written and friendly to new readers who know nothing about these alternate Spider-Men’s back stories. It is an easy read if you just accept these other Miguel’s as, just others. However, it does not carry the same depth and meaning as if you knew about these Spider guys from older comics. Seeing them die would obviously be a little saddening.

Also, so far, on every other earth we have beein reading about throughout this series, Mary Jane is always portrayed as the pre OMD version of herself in terms of character. Somehow, this personality did not stick in the 616 universe...

No further comment or complaint on the matter.

Regardless, it is an easy read for new readers and a great read for old readers.

Rating: 5/5

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