Amazing Spider-Man v3 #11

Posted by bulletproofsponge 29 December 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 11
Spider-Verse: Part Three
The Higher ground

Over at the safe zone, where we last saw Superior Spider-Man’s team join Spider-UK’s team, our good ole Peter Parker Spider-Man from the 616 universe decides to challenge Spider-Ock’s leadership role. In AmazingSpider-Man # 10, Spider-Ock decided that he was going to lead the team of spiders.

The two end up fighting up to the point where Peter realizes that Ock doesn’t yet know that he is from the future where Ock had lost and given up the mantle to Spider-Man back to Peter. As such, Peter stops fighting asking Ock to kill him. Ock pauses, thinking through the consequences of such an action. Thinking Peter is from the past, Ock stops to wonder if killing him will cause himself to cease from existence. Peter takes the opportunity to knock Ock out.

Over on earth-13989, Karn kills the tribute on an earth where Spider-Man is a werewolf known as Spider-Wolf. He shouts to Lord Solus if this is finally tribute enough. Lord Solus hears and mocks at Karn, stating that he will need much more to ever return. He also questions why Morlun is not out hunting, wondering if Morlun is indeed afraid of 616 Spider-Man. Morlun responds by informing Solus of a bigger concern – The Scion, the Bride, and The Other. He also tells Solus that the Scion is beyond their reach. To this, Lord Solus replies that nothing is beyond his reach.

 Back at the safe zone, Peter offers to help Ock to get up, stating that it would be unwise of him not to take any advice Ock would have to offer. Ock then offers his opinion, stating that their safe zone is not safe enough, seeing that they are all out in the open.  The spiders then move towards the city where there are buildings and places to hide, deciding not to rely only on the powers of Captain Universe.

Next, Peter checks on the teams he had sent out. Miguel and his team in the year 2099 are busy escaping from Daemos, as seen in Spider-Man 2099 # 6. He is too busy to talk and cuts Peter off. Meanwhile, Spider-UK checked on Spider-Woman, receiving news that Spider-Man Noir got injured and is now back in his own world, as seen in Spider-Woman # 1.

Peter asks Ock for his cloaking device so he can bring one to Spider-Man Noir. He then asks Ock if he can reverse the device, to which Ock replies that he already has. He knows the location of the Inheritor’s home but they are not yet ready to take them on.

Peter then heads to Spider-Man Noir’s world with Anya and Gwen, leaving Spider-UK in charge. Before leaving however he entrusts Miles and Cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man to jump between portals to recruit more Spider-Men. They are given their own portal jumpers and cloaking devices.  We fast forward and see the two in the 1960’s cartoon Spider-Man’s world. Their story continues in Spider-Verse Team Up # 2.

Over on earth 13, aka the safe zone, all the spiders begin to feel their spider sense tingling. Soon, Jennix, Morlun, and Solus appear from a portal. Captain Universe is at first shocked that they would dare attack, but is confident that he can take on a thousand Inheritors. The inheritors are fast however, and Captain Spider and Spider-Monkey are killed. Captain Universe warns Solus that he has met his doom, to which he responds by stating that death has no hold on them as they have conquered mortality ages ago.

The scene changes to Earth-802, the world where the Kaine, Ben and Black Widow went to (see Scarlet Spiders # 1). Here we see Jennix spawning in a lab, suggesting that he was killed by Captain Universe on earth-13. He awakens to see Smythe, Madison and Warren (Who else to be behind the cloning). The three all worship and adore him, making sure he gets whatever he wants.

Back on earth-13, the battle is not going too well for Captain Universe. Lord Solus explains that Patriach, King and God, of those who inherited the Multiverse. Lord Solus eventually kills Captain Universe. Morlun then punches May Parker and takes her little brother, Ben, shouting out loud that the Scion is theirs!
while he may be the most powerful thing in this universe, he is the

As it turns out, the inheritors no longer seem too interested in killing Spiders. Their new goal is to retrieve the Bride, the Other and, The scion, seeing that these three could result in their doom.  This is clearly seen in the last panel where, Morlun did not bother to kill May parker, but simply knocked her out instead. It is also evident in the scene where Morlun, Spider-Punk and Superior Spider-Man are not fighting one another but standing together, watching the battle between Lord Solus and Captain Universe in awe.

Seeing the Warren among the three scientists behind the cloning process for the Inheritors was also a great reveal, though not unexpected. This would prove to be a great, long awaited battle for the Spider Clones to have in their miniseries.

There is also a short scene where Spider-UK calls Peter, telling him to come back to the “safe zone” which is no longer safe. We see this taking place in Spider-Woman # 1, where Peter tells Jessica that she is needed elsewhere.

I’m guessing Peter and Jessica will turn up soon after, scaring Morlun, giving them a chance to steal baby Ben back. I know, Marvel has been killing off plenty Spiders during this even, but I do believe that killing baby Ben might be a little too much. Also, a standoff between Morlun and Peter is inevitable. Having already being filled with doubt over Morlun’s confidence against Peter, it may be quite likely that Lord Solus may even sit and watch and Morlun defends the Scion.  After all, with Captain Universe dead, it should not be too hard to get the Scion back, even if Morlun loses him.

It was also pretty cool to see cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man team up with Miles, who also happens to be an Ultimate Spider-Man. Cartoon Spidey’s humor is exactly as he is in his cartoon, even having his little anime thingy that comes out to narrate his feelings. (One reason why I hate that cartoon)

The artwork was great as well, clearly distinguishing characters from the real world, Cartoon world, and 1960’s cartoon world.

There was also a pretty cute interaction between Spider-Gwen and Peter, as they both made a deal to watch out for one another, seeing that their “others” died in their own worlds.

As I have mentioned before, I do believe that Karn will have an important role to play in helping the Spider-Men/Woman/Animals. Being constantly rejected by his family has got to have him thinking that he will never belong. Furthermore, it was mentioned by the Master Weaver before that Karn was special, unlike the others, wanting to build rather than destroy.

Finally, seeing Captain Universe and Spider-Monkey die was pretty sad. It was really tragic to see the disappointment on Captain Universe’s face when he realized that he had failed to carry out his responsibility, despite having all the power in the universe. Personally however, I think Captain Universe was a little too cocky with his powers and may have been able to live if he was a little more cautious. Captain Spider, whoever he was will not really be missed, except maybe by big boobs Spider-Woman(whoever she is).

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