Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 6

Posted by bulletproofsponge 18 December 2014

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 6
Spider-Verse: Tie-In

When we last saw Spider-Man 2099 in Amazing Spider-Man # 10, he had stolen Daemos’ original dead body and was about to hide it. Prior to that, it was agreed that Six-armed Spider-Man and Lady-Spider were going to study the body to learn more about the Inheritors.

This issue begins in Earth-928, with Tyler Stone, getting a moment’s rest finally being rid of his Spider-Man after sending him to the past – 2014. He soon loses his rest however, when he is shown an image of Spider-Man and two new Spider people with him, swinging through Nueva York.

The three spiders are next seen at Gabriel’s place ( Miguel’s brother). After introductions have been made, Miguel tries to give his brother a simple update on the situation. After assuring Gabriel that they will be safe, Miguel asks for some help to get coordinates to any of his past formidable foes like Punisher, Hulk, or Strange. The plan is to get a mixed offensive team, other than spiders since that is what Daemos is used to.

Before anything can be done however, Daemos, or his cloned body, breaks down the wall and finds them. Six armed Spidey tries to buy the rest some time and dies in the process. Seeing Six Armed Spidey killed, May aka Lady Spider tries to stall Daemos to let Miguel get away. Obviously she also fails and would have been killed by Daemos, except that Daemos was disinterested in her, seeing that she carried very little spider essence that wreaked mostly of technology. Gabriel takes advantage of Daemos’ hesitation and fires him with a “super just in case“ weapon he had lying around. Daemos goes flying out the building with Miguel chasing after him.

On the ground, Daemos is “apprehended” by the police force of the city, under Tyler Stone. Needless to say, the police fail to apprehend him and are beaten. Spider-Man takes the opportunity to send Tyler a message via one of his police guys, offering him a one time chance to avoid his revenge for sending him to 2014 if he does as asked. Tyler receives the message and takes the offer.

After more fight scenes, May and Miguel then lead Daemos to the Alchemax building where the window to floor 82 was left open as instructed to Tyler by Miguel. Inside the building, Spider-Man 2099 manages to trap Daemos inside a statis cell strong enough to hold Venom.

Seeing Spider-Man 2099 back in his own timeline was great. It was also pretty classic to see how Tyler Stone immediately took up Spider-Man’s offer without any hesitation.

One thing about Spider-Man 2099’s world that I don’t quite understand however is the fact that his earth is called earth-928, but is supposed to be the future of earth 616.

While it might make sense that Spider-Man 2099 is from a possible future for earth 616, but is not actually the same earth, that theory does not coincide with the fact that Miguel had to go back in time to 616 to prevent Tiberius Stone from dying to save his own future.

As such, if Earth 616 really is the past of Earth-928, why does it have a different name??

Also, the fact that May Parker, aka Lady-Spider was not actually a spider, or had very little spider essence came as a surprise. In Spider-Verse # 1, it was quite clear she was bitten by a spider when she was young. As it turns out however, she did not gain any powers from that bite as assumed, but became Lady-Spider through the use of technology instead.

As it turns out, I found that May was a little disappointed that Daemos hesitated to kill her on the grounds that she was a fake spider. This then leads to the question of why or how did she end up recruited to be part of the team if she is not really the spider totem of her world? Perhaps that might be answered in Spider-Man Team up…?

Regardless, I did enjoy Lady-Spider in this issue very much. In fact, if this issue did not take place on Spider-Man 2099's world, I'd say Lady-Spider stole the limelight here. Her confidence is displayed even in the short scene of her interaction with Gabriel, who was clearly quite taken by her, highly distinctive from any other woman from her timeline - 1895.

As for poor old Six Armed Spider-Man, no doubt his bravery has not gone unnoticed, his death was pretty much in vain. It could not be any more obvious that there was no intention by the writers to continue his story, even failing to reach the perform the study on Daemos’ body as was the reason he came along for the trip. This also leaves me wondering when exactly did Lady-Spider join the party? Last I checked, it was just Six Arms and Spidey 2099..

Anyway, no complaints there... especially not from Gabriel. 

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