Spider-Woman # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 18 December 2014

Spider-Woman # 1

Spider-Verse: Tie –in

This issue follows Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew of earth 616 ( our usual Spider-Woman). The first page of the issue gives a very brief background introduction to Spider-Woman, like all comics do, for those who are unfamiliar with her character.

When we last saw Spider-Woman, she and Spider-Man Noir chased after Silk, who had jumped into a portal to lead the Inheritors away from the other Spider-Men. Considering the significance of The bride, one of the three key spiders to determine the outcome of the battle, the twin inheritor siblings pursue them.

The three spider people end up on a slightly alien world, where they are first seen riding lizards like camels. Silk is extremely excited to be pairing with the real Spider-Woman on an adventure in an unknown realty. Spider-Man Noir is obviously quite amused as well, seeing that he is from the year 1930.

The three end up at a village where Spider-Woman tells Silk and Spider-Man Noir to stay put, and not attract any attention while she looks for some clothes to better blend in with the rest of the population there.

As the story goes, the two do exactly the opposite as they were instructed and try to stop a burglary. Unfortunately, the robbers are not measly humans, but some kind of robots instead. The task tends to take longer and draws much more attention than expected.

Pretty soon, the inheritor twins turn up, and Spider-Man Noir is nearly killed. Spider-Woman eventually comes to save them and ports them all to earth 90214, the Noir world. They end up at Black Cat’s place and leave Spider-Man Noir there to recover under her care.

They are eventually greeted by 616 Spider-Man, Spider-Girl ( Anya) and Spider-Gwen. Spider-Man tells Jessica that he is relieved of her duty and that her expertise is gravely needed elsewhere. As such, the other two Spider-Girls will take over the task of protecting Silk.

Spider-Woman reluctantly agrees and warns the spider girls not to ever let Silk out of their sight. She warns that Silk’s enthusiasm will get them all killed. Silk overhears and decides that she does not need a team. She runs off to another world, hurt that Jessica blames her for their problems. Not far away, the twin siblings are watching her travelling alone, intending to keep her company.


One thing I found slightly strange about this issue was how they seemed to travel to alien like worlds, compared to everyone else who simply ended up in similar world's to their own. 

This was a pretty good issue highlighting the dynamics, or lack thereof between Jessica and Cindy. Cindy is obviously younger, more enthusiastic, and has been locked up for 10 years. She is eager to get out and about and is not too excited about being kept in captivity again for her own safety, whether it’s by her fellow Spider friends or not.

Jessica on the other hand has to take the undesired role of being the responsible, un-fun, leader of the team. She was tasked with the responsibility to protect Silk, and that is what she is trying to do, the only way she knows how. Having seen and done things, she has way more experience with fighting and avoiding bad guys than Silk does.

The two contradictory characters however really make things difficult for one another. Spider-Man Noir was just there for the ride. He was part of Ock’s team and was sent to keep and eye on the two, and report back to him. Being a Spider-Woman book, naturally Spidey Noir has a very little role to play here. Unfortunately for people like me who like Spider-Man Noir, there is really nothing much to see here except Spidey shooting his old school revolver at the inheritors, only to have it bounce off them as they laugh mockingly.

I am slightly disappointed that Spider-Woman was relieved of her duty as I had hoped to see some development between the two. Nevertheless, with Spider Gwen and Anya, this story will soon be a Spider-Girls book, bound to be much more interesting that this one.

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