Amazing Spider-Man v3 #16.1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 09 April 2015

Amazing Spider-Man v3 #16.1 review
The Spiral: Part 1

This issue begins with Spider-Man swinging around the city one night, looking for some crime to stop. He comes across Capt Watanabe with her team, trying to prevent a gang war. She tries to play things by the book, not using her alter ego as the Wraith to interfere. A source claims that Tombstone, leader of the gang is gearing up at the site.

Though the cops aren't certain for sure if their source is reliable, it is soon clear that they are indeed at the right site as one of Tombstones men accidentally open fire. The site soon becomes a shooting range and one of Captain Watanabe's men are shot. Spider-Man swings into the building where the enemy is camping and manhandles the bad guys. Tombstone is soon caught and has his trial eight days later.

At the trial, Tombstone is set free on grounds that the original search warrant was defective. Captain Watanabe is then seen at the hospital where her fellow officer is being cared for. Peter visits her and the two talk about crossing the line between right and wrong for the greater good. While at the hospital, the shot officer goes into emergency.

We later see Captain Watanabe at a graveyard, signifying that the cop died. At the grave site, she is visited by Mr Negative, who claimed to be the "Source" for Tombstone's base camp. He tries to gain her favor, telling him that he has no foul intentions as they share a common enemy. He then passes her evidence that the Judge was corrupt.

With the new evidence, Captain Watanabe approaches her superior, who unfortunately claims that more proof is required. Seeing no other choice, she takes matters into her own hands with the help of Spidey to find Tombstone.

They successfully find his hiding place and Spidey and Wraith are separated for a while during the
fight. When Spidey comes back, he finds that Wraith caught Tombstone at a high risk of hurting others. The issue ends with Wraith leaving, and Spidey left wondering where Wraith may be heading as far as her ethical code of conduct is concerned.


This was a really simple story in which Spider-Man is more of a featured guest rather than the main character. The main character in the issue is Captain Watanabe, who is struggling to be a good cop, but realizes by the end of the issue that nothing and really be done if she sticks to protocol. Contrary to what TV shows like CSI, Law and Order, NCIS and all those other cop shows imply, sticking to the law doesn't quite get you very far when placed in a world filled with Vigilante's and super villains.

Overall a fun issue advertising Wraith more than anything else in hope that she will gain some popularity and possibly some day sell a title of her own. In the meantime, Wraith rides on Spider-Man's fame and popularity, hijacking a whole Amazing Spider-Man issue.

Though we haven't seen her since Superior Spider-Man, somehow Wraith didn't seem to be missed very much, especially with the whole Spider-Verse event taking place.

This is a must buy for Wraith fans, if there are any. If you're not too interested in this story however, I don't think it will be necessary to buy the rest of the issues related.

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