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Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 6

Posted by bulletproofsponge 18 December 2014

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 6
Spider-Verse: Tie-In

When we last saw Spider-Man 2099 in Amazing Spider-Man # 10, he had stolen Daemos’ original dead body and was about to hide it. Prior to that, it was agreed that Six-armed Spider-Man and Lady-Spider were going to study the body to learn more about the Inheritors.

This issue begins in Earth-928, with Tyler Stone, getting a moment’s rest finally being rid of his Spider-Man after sending him to the past – 2014. He soon loses his rest however, when he is shown an image of Spider-Man and two new Spider people with him, swinging through Nueva York.

The three spiders are next seen at Gabriel’s place ( Miguel’s brother). After introductions have been made, Miguel tries to give his brother a simple update on the situation. After assuring Gabriel that they will be safe, Miguel asks for some help to get coordinates to any of his past formidable foes like Punisher, Hulk, or Strange. The plan is to get a mixed offensive team, other than spiders since that is what Daemos is used to.

Before anything can be done however, Daemos, or his cloned body, breaks down the wall and finds them. Six armed Spidey tries to buy the rest some time and dies in the process. Seeing Six Armed Spidey killed, May aka Lady Spider tries to stall Daemos to let Miguel get away. Obviously she also fails and would have been killed by Daemos, except that Daemos was disinterested in her, seeing that she carried very little spider essence that wreaked mostly of technology. Gabriel takes advantage of Daemos’ hesitation and fires him with a “super just in case“ weapon he had lying around. Daemos goes flying out the building with Miguel chasing after him.

On the ground, Daemos is “apprehended” by the police force of the city, under Tyler Stone. Needless to say, the police fail to apprehend him and are beaten. Spider-Man takes the opportunity to send Tyler a message via one of his police guys, offering him a one time chance to avoid his revenge for sending him to 2014 if he does as asked. Tyler receives the message and takes the offer.

After more fight scenes, May and Miguel then lead Daemos to the Alchemax building where the window to floor 82 was left open as instructed to Tyler by Miguel. Inside the building, Spider-Man 2099 manages to trap Daemos inside a statis cell strong enough to hold Venom.

Seeing Spider-Man 2099 back in his own timeline was great. It was also pretty classic to see how Tyler Stone immediately took up Spider-Man’s offer without any hesitation.

One thing about Spider-Man 2099’s world that I don’t quite understand however is the fact that his earth is called earth-928, but is supposed to be the future of earth 616.

While it might make sense that Spider-Man 2099 is from a possible future for earth 616, but is not actually the same earth, that theory does not coincide with the fact that Miguel had to go back in time to 616 to prevent Tiberius Stone from dying to save his own future.

As such, if Earth 616 really is the past of Earth-928, why does it have a different name??

Also, the fact that May Parker, aka Lady-Spider was not actually a spider, or had very little spider essence came as a surprise. In Spider-Verse # 1, it was quite clear she was bitten by a spider when she was young. As it turns out however, she did not gain any powers from that bite as assumed, but became Lady-Spider through the use of technology instead.

As it turns out, I found that May was a little disappointed that Daemos hesitated to kill her on the grounds that she was a fake spider. This then leads to the question of why or how did she end up recruited to be part of the team if she is not really the spider totem of her world? Perhaps that might be answered in Spider-Man Team up…?

Regardless, I did enjoy Lady-Spider in this issue very much. In fact, if this issue did not take place on Spider-Man 2099's world, I'd say Lady-Spider stole the limelight here. Her confidence is displayed even in the short scene of her interaction with Gabriel, who was clearly quite taken by her, highly distinctive from any other woman from her timeline - 1895.

As for poor old Six Armed Spider-Man, no doubt his bravery has not gone unnoticed, his death was pretty much in vain. It could not be any more obvious that there was no intention by the writers to continue his story, even failing to reach the perform the study on Daemos’ body as was the reason he came along for the trip. This also leaves me wondering when exactly did Lady-Spider join the party? Last I checked, it was just Six Arms and Spidey 2099..

Anyway, no complaints there... especially not from Gabriel. 

Spider-Woman # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Spider-Woman # 1

Spider-Verse: Tie –in

This issue follows Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew of earth 616 ( our usual Spider-Woman). The first page of the issue gives a very brief background introduction to Spider-Woman, like all comics do, for those who are unfamiliar with her character.

When we last saw Spider-Woman, she and Spider-Man Noir chased after Silk, who had jumped into a portal to lead the Inheritors away from the other Spider-Men. Considering the significance of The bride, one of the three key spiders to determine the outcome of the battle, the twin inheritor siblings pursue them.

The three spider people end up on a slightly alien world, where they are first seen riding lizards like camels. Silk is extremely excited to be pairing with the real Spider-Woman on an adventure in an unknown realty. Spider-Man Noir is obviously quite amused as well, seeing that he is from the year 1930.

The three end up at a village where Spider-Woman tells Silk and Spider-Man Noir to stay put, and not attract any attention while she looks for some clothes to better blend in with the rest of the population there.

As the story goes, the two do exactly the opposite as they were instructed and try to stop a burglary. Unfortunately, the robbers are not measly humans, but some kind of robots instead. The task tends to take longer and draws much more attention than expected.

Pretty soon, the inheritor twins turn up, and Spider-Man Noir is nearly killed. Spider-Woman eventually comes to save them and ports them all to earth 90214, the Noir world. They end up at Black Cat’s place and leave Spider-Man Noir there to recover under her care.

They are eventually greeted by 616 Spider-Man, Spider-Girl ( Anya) and Spider-Gwen. Spider-Man tells Jessica that he is relieved of her duty and that her expertise is gravely needed elsewhere. As such, the other two Spider-Girls will take over the task of protecting Silk.

Spider-Woman reluctantly agrees and warns the spider girls not to ever let Silk out of their sight. She warns that Silk’s enthusiasm will get them all killed. Silk overhears and decides that she does not need a team. She runs off to another world, hurt that Jessica blames her for their problems. Not far away, the twin siblings are watching her travelling alone, intending to keep her company.


One thing I found slightly strange about this issue was how they seemed to travel to alien like worlds, compared to everyone else who simply ended up in similar world's to their own. 

This was a pretty good issue highlighting the dynamics, or lack thereof between Jessica and Cindy. Cindy is obviously younger, more enthusiastic, and has been locked up for 10 years. She is eager to get out and about and is not too excited about being kept in captivity again for her own safety, whether it’s by her fellow Spider friends or not.

Jessica on the other hand has to take the undesired role of being the responsible, un-fun, leader of the team. She was tasked with the responsibility to protect Silk, and that is what she is trying to do, the only way she knows how. Having seen and done things, she has way more experience with fighting and avoiding bad guys than Silk does.

The two contradictory characters however really make things difficult for one another. Spider-Man Noir was just there for the ride. He was part of Ock’s team and was sent to keep and eye on the two, and report back to him. Being a Spider-Woman book, naturally Spidey Noir has a very little role to play here. Unfortunately for people like me who like Spider-Man Noir, there is really nothing much to see here except Spidey shooting his old school revolver at the inheritors, only to have it bounce off them as they laugh mockingly.

I am slightly disappointed that Spider-Woman was relieved of her duty as I had hoped to see some development between the two. Nevertheless, with Spider Gwen and Anya, this story will soon be a Spider-Girls book, bound to be much more interesting that this one.

Scarlet Spiders # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Scarlet Spiders # 1 review

Spider-Verse: The Widow

This issue takes place after the events of Amazing Spider-Man # 10, following, Ben Reilly, Kaine and Ultimate Jessica Drew ( Clone). When we last saw them, they jumped into the portal where Daemos' second body came from along with the twin inheritors. Realizing that the second Daemos body must have been a clone, they, being clones themselves felt the need to stop the cloning, to increase their odds of winning the fight against these inheritors.

The three however are shocked to see that the world from which the evil inheritors came from was peaceful, orderly, and beautiful. Ben, being pretty much a perfect clone of Peter is obviously the more carefree, fun loving one of the three. He immediately wants to check out this new world, but is stopped by Jess, who reminds him that they are in their Spider Suits.

While Ock's cloaking device can hide their scent, their costumes would be noticed by anyone looking for them. Kaine finds some hospital gowns for his two siblings. He doesn't need a costume since his costume can go invisible.

While Jess questions at first if Kaine's costume can cloak his stronger pheromone smell, Ben, being the Spider-Man of his world assures her that if Kaine's suit is anything like the suit he made on his world, Kaine should be fine.

The clones find themselves in some sort of cloning facility where human clones ( not inheritors) are being made. They are also being brainwashed by a repeating visual recording of Jennix, leader of the Inheritors. The clones are soon discovered however, and end up having to fight some heavily armored security force.

After a lengthy battle, with each using their individually unique skills and abilities to fight the security forces, Iron Man appears at the scene. Ben is at first delighted to see him, not at all aware that this is not a friendly Iron Man. Jess immediately realizes the danger but is unable to alert Ben before Tony attacks him, knocking him out. Kaine, being invisible later attacks Tony and knocks him out with ease.

The scene changes to Jennix, who is naturally sitting in his evil chair, just like all bad guys often do. He is delighted at the news that there there is spider activity in numbers, thinking to himself what a great feast he will have.

Ben awakens, after a few hours, to find that Jessica had removed Tony's armor (having been taught by her Iron Man how to remove his armor) and tied him up.  Ben, refusing to give up on Tony tries to talk some sense into him, but soon realizes that it is pointless.

Kaine is willing to try other methods to get Tony to talk and spill the location of the Inheritor;s clone incubators. No torture is necessary however as Tony gladly reveals that the place they are looking for is the Baxter Building, convinced that they will die there.

Jessica, being the only one who has a plan on how to get into the cloning facility, gets Ben to wear Iron Man's costume and bring herself and Kaine in as hostages. The plan works perfectly and the three get into the Baxter building.

Things take a slight turn however when Johnny Storm comes in, recognizing Peter Parker ( Kaine actually), and begins asking Iron Man ( Ben) what's going on.


This was a great team up issue for the clones. It has been years since we saw any form of proper interaction between Ben and Kaine. Unfortunately, this issue, though featuring the two, did not have the kind of interaction I was looking for. The star of this issue was obviously Jessica Drew of the Ultimate Universe.

While Kaine was often portrayed and the almost mindless bloodthirsty beast/ muscle of the team, and Ben portrayed as the easy going fun guy, Jessica seemed to be the only character representing some brains in the team.

One thing that I did not quite like about the issue was how Ben was portrayed to be a dumb ass. He somehow was unable to come up with any useful plans, was unable to sense any danger, got knocked out by Iron Man after one shot, and simply blundered around the place following his team mates. Being the perfect clone, I suppose he was supposed to represent the embodiment of everything good in Peter Parker, which he does perfectly. Unfortunately it makes him look a little silly in the process.

This may have to do with the title being Widow, implying that the main character, who's abilities would probably be most highlighted and written to be most useful would be Jessica Drew. Perhaps, and hopefully the second and third issue will focus more on the usefulness of Kaine and Ben in the story.

In the earlier issues, we saw familiar characters whom we know in the inheritors world, just being portrayed very differently. In this issue we saw Tony Stark and Johnny Storm, both who seem to be working for the bad guy as well. Up to this point, the clones think that everyone in this world are clones, brainwashed and taught to serve the inheritors without question.

It will probably come as no surprise that the rest of the Fantastic Four will also appear, seeing that it is the Baxter Building that they have broken into.

Also, seeing that everyone in this world seems to be working for the inheritors, it's quite likely that even the Peter Parker of this world is also working for Jennix, explaining why Johnny would be so surprised to see him ( actually Kaine) in captivity.

Finally, throughout the entire issue, there is a mystery narrator, observing and commenting on each of the three clones, pointing out their skills, abilities, past, and weaknesses. It may be the Master Weaver, but up to this point, we are still unsure of who this narrator is...

Then again, I might have missed an obvious clue about the identity of the person.

Spider-Verse Team-Up #1

Posted by Donovan McComish 14 December 2014

Hello everybody and welcome to my review of Spider-Verse Team-Up #1. Yep, thankfully Marvel realised that even a six-issue long storyline couldn't come close to adapting the sheer scale of Spider-Verse, so they've made sure that we've got plenty of awesome, supplemental material while the main story goes on in Amazing Spider-Man. And since we've been introduced to so many different versions of our favourite wall-crawler, the next logical step is to team them up, and that's just what we get with this series. Not one, but two titanic team-ups per issue! For this first issue, we have a story by frequent Dan Slott collaborator Christos Gage, featuring the Old Man Spider from J. Michael Straczynski's run (Yay), Spider-Ham, and fan favourite Ben Reilly. Then there's a tale from classic Spider-scribe Roger Stern, involving Spider-Man Noir and a six-armed Spidey.


The Power of Positive Thinking:

On Earth-94, a reality where Ben Reilly remained as Spider-Man, the man himself is battling who he believes is his version of the Vulture and cracking jokes about how he should be in a retirement home. This Adrian Toomes replies that Reilly has no idea what's coming, but that "the mistress" will show him soon enough, and bears his sharp, fang-like teeth, which gets Ben's attention that something's off. He webs Vulchy in the face whilst humorously noting the teeth, but is slashed in the back by another figure, while a third voice remarks that Toomes wanted sharp teeth because the masters only feed on a spider's essence, whereas the bodies belong to them. Turns out that Reilly's facing a whole "flock" of cannibalistic Vultures, consisting of alternate versions of Noir Vulture, the Blackie Drago Vulture, the Jimmy Natale Vulture and a younger Adrian Toomes Vulture, as well as the older Toomes.

The Vultures pin Ben to the rooftop. Still confused, he asks what they are. Noir Vulture replies that they are hungry while Natale prepares his acid spit. Thankfully, help arrives in the form of two more Spider-Men, one of whom plants his foot in Natale's face. That spider is the mysterious Old Man Spider of Earth-4 (clad in the Last Stand outfit from J. Michael Strazynski's run on Amazing Spider-Man), and his teammate is none other than Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham (yes, he is a cartoon pig). Old Man Spider orders Ben to get up, saying that this is not a dream, but Ben's more preoccupied with the fact that Porker is a cartoon pig. Old Toomes knocks Spider-Ham over the edge of the building, declaring that his mistress Verna will make their agonies last hours for disrupting her hunt. Old Man webs that Vulture and yanks him back while Spider-Ham saves himself by clinging to the wall. Much to Reilly's surprise, Old Man breaks Toomes' arm and tosses him aside, leaving him to be devoured by the other Vultures.

While Ham fends off Young Toomes, Old Man explains to Reilly that these Vultures are from alternate dimensions as well as slaves to Verna of the Inheritors, who uses them as her attack dogs. While they can handle them, they will need to get out of this dimension before she shows up, or it's all over. Ben disagrees, saying that for him, things always work out, which he punctuates by webbing Young Toomes in the face, also beginning to go into some of his previous adventures before Old Man cuts him short, saying he knows his life story, leading Ben to assume that Old Man is an older version of him. Old Man replies that it's complicated, so he'll make it simple. They need Reilly, but they also need him ready for war, and if he doesn't "man-up" and realise that this is isn't like anything he's used to, then he'll be next in a line of countless dead Spider-Totems. Spider-Ham interjects to say that he knew Reilly wouldn't take them seriously. Reilly again points out that Ham is a cartoon pig, to which Old Man responds "yeah, and he got it faster than you". Ben finds it  hard to believe that Ham of all people would be down with the arm-snapping, abut Ham tells him that where he comes from, an anvil to the head is a flesh wound, adding that the human spiders are fragile by comparison.

"Agreed. And succulent" declares Noir Vulture, choosing now to hurl daggers coated with a short-lived paralytic, which leaves the three spiders unable to move. Deciding to "nibble on nonessential parts" until their mistress Verna arrives, Noir Vulture asks Natale to tenderise the spiders with his acid spit. As Old Man calls Ben an idiot and says that he's killed them all, Ben refuses to accept defeat and manages to move his arm and fire his webshooter through sheer willpower. The resulting web hits Natale in the face, deflecting his acid pit onto Noir Vulture's face and disfiguring him (though there's not much to disfigure there to be honest). Noir retaliates by stabbing Natale with one of his daggers, but before the two Vultures can start fighting, Ben Reilly calls for them to "wrap it up" (which Ham declares to be cheesy even by his standards), and the three spiders encase their would-be attackers in a cocoon of webbing.

Congratulating Ben on his last-minute rescue of them all, Spider-Ham asks how he managed to move. Ben replies that this is nothing compared to when he was possessed by the Carnage symbiote, but Old Man Spider cuts him off again, saying they need to go now. Ben asks if they should call the cops on the Vultures, but Old Man responds that they should just leave them, as Verna will deal with them more harshly than the police ever would. Ben expresses reluctance in leaving his city unprotected from Verna, but Ham assures him that the Inheritors are just interested in Spiders, and as this worlds Peter Parker is powerless, there will be nothing to keep her there once they leave. The three Spiders exit Earth-4 through the portal and arrive on Earth-13 in Central Park. As Ben introduces himself to the other spider-powered heroes there, Spider-Ham quips to Old Man Spider that he's seen puppies less jaded than him, even suggesting they find a version of Reilly that has had a rougher time of it. Old Man says that he would have agreed with Ham an hour ago, but now he's not so sure as Ben Reilly was able to overcome the paralysis when neither of them could because of his optimism, which means there might be things he can do just because he doesn't see losing a possibility. Spider-Ham argues though that if Ben doesn't understand what he's going up against, he'll get "smoked. honey baked, even". Old Man replies that if the future this Ben has in store is anything like his other selves, then death at the hands of the Inheritors would be a mercy killing. "Anyway" he says, "we're all dead men walking. At least he'll die among friends", as the Cosmic Spider-Man of Earth-13 re-joins the group to welcome their newest recruit...

The Luck of the Parkers: 

In another reality in the year 2014, we see two of the recruits of the time-displaced Otto Octavius, the self-titled Superior Spider-Man, looking in a hospital window at another of their alternate selves. They came to recruit this world's version of Peter Parker, but as they can now see, he's in no shape to help. The Six-Armed Spider-Man informs Spider-Man Noir that, according to local news, this Peter Parker had a huge allergic reaction to his spider-bite, and has been on life support for weeks. However, in a twist of irony, his Aunt May & Uncle Ben have practically been living by his side since the accident and in their absence, their house was burgled, meaning Uncle Ben will survive. Thinking there's nothing left for them to do here, Noir says they should leave this dimension, but Six-Armed Spider-Man points out that this Peter is still a target for the Inheritors as he's still technically a spider totem, not to mention that Uncle Ben and Aunt May could be injured or even killed if Karn or his crazy siblings enter the hospital. Noir suggests that they "put the poor little freak out of his misery", but is admonished by Six-Armed Spidey, who insists that they both not use "the F-word" and not euthanise "Lil' Pete". He then has an idea and tells Noir to stay and guard Lil' Pete while he heads for the roof, the two staying in contact via a transceiver Six Arms gave Noir (which also makes his ear itch).

Sneaking into the hospital through the vents, Six-Armed Spidey enters the lab in order to find Lil' Pete's bloodwork. It doesn't take him long to find it and he sets about looking for the chemicals he needs to make his plan work. Noir meanwhile is still keeping watch, noting that he doesn't remember his aunt and uncle ever looking so young. Suddenly, "that tingling sensation" occurs within Noir's head and Lil' Pete begins to stir. Unfortunately, he's the source of the danger, as he starts convulsing, smashing the nearby medical equipment, mutating into a large Man-Spider. Noir informs Six-Arms of this over the transceiver as May & Ben back away, terrified for their nephew. Before the Man-Spider can harm them, Noir crashes through the window, webbing his hairy counterpart and dragging him outside and up to the roof.

"Lil' Pete" continues to mutate, becoming strong enough to rip through the webbing. Noir tries to get through to his alternate self, urging him to stay calm, but is forced to dodge the Man-Spider's attacks. Six-Armed Spidey enters the fray at this point, expressing his surprise at how "Lil' Pete" isn't so little anymore. Using his speed to confuse his opponent, Six-Arms manages to get behind the still-mutating Man-Spider and inject him with a syringe containing a formula he had been whipping up in the lab. The Man-Spider grabs Six-Arms and hurls him at Noir, who remarks in his thoughts that it's like trying to catch an octopus. As the pair land on the floor, Noir draws his pistol and points it at the Man-Spider, saying he's doing what he'd want someone to do for him. Six-Armed Spidey stops him however and tells him to look, as the Man-Spider starts moulting, his hairy, spider-like skin peeling off to reveal good-old, regular Peter Parker underneath. He falls off the roof as he returns to normal, but is quickly saved by Six-Arms."Lil' Pete briefly regains consciousness, but quickly passes out again. A quick scan from Six-Arms shows that he is actually better than okay, as he now has no traces of "Spider-Essence" in him. Six-Arms webs Lil' Pete a cot, muttering that "the crazy serum actually worked", which confuses Noir as he thought that was Six-Arms' plan.

The pair are then forced to hide when Aunt May and Uncle Ben arrive, along with a security guard and a doctor, who confirms that their Peter is going to be okay. As they watch from the shadows, Noir asks Six-Arms what he meant by "sure, but" when he was talking about the serum. Six-Arms reveals that, while he had hoped the serum would work, it was a gamble as it was similar to the one he made to wipe out his own powers, but had instead given him his extra arms. Since Lil' Pete is younger and the spider-DNA hadn't completely altered his cells, Six-Arms had figured that the odds were in his favour, and thankfully, he was right. Since there's now nothing there to draw the Inheritors apart from themselves, the two Spider-Men leave the dimension, with Noir musing that, while he doesn't know what their "superior" will think, he's considering this one a win, because now, at least in one reality, the Parker family has a happy ending...


Let's get perhaps the only negative thing about this issue out of the way first. In the grand scheme of things, this comic doesn't add much to the overall plot of Spider-Verse aside from showing us how Ben Reilly was recruited, and you could skip it if all you were after was the main story. But it would be a real shame if you did because you'd be missing out on two very entertaining stories with some great interactions between these Spider-Men that harken back to the days of Marvel Team-Up.

The Power of Positive Thinking is a pretty upbeat affair despite some of the darker elements present like the cannibalistic Vultures, and by the end it's clear why. I find it interesting how Verna of the Inheritors seems to keep using Spider-Man villains or allies as her underlings/pets. It's cool that some of Spidey's more classic villains are involved in this storyline (Morlun is fairly recent in comparison to someone like the Vulture), but it also shows how twisted and egotistical the Inheritors are, as well as creepily reducing the Vulture('s) to his animal counterpart's base trait of a scavenger.

I really enjoyed the match-up of Spider-Men here as Gage not only gets to contrast their personalties, but even the very nature of their own dimensions, a good example being Spider-Ham's anvil joke. Ben Reilly is used to great effect here. His optimistic, never-give-up attitude at first seems like it's getting thrown under the bus in favour of Old Man Spider's more weathered, cynical personality, but by the end, it forms the core point of the story. Spider-Man in general may be sometimes considered as naive in comparison to other heroes like Wolverine or Nick Fury because of his optimism, but it's that very optimism that gives him his strength and makes him who he is. Time and again Spidey's faced overwhelming odds that you probably wouldn't think him capable of surviving. From being trapped under a huge pile of rubble in the Master Planner storyline to his very first fight with Morlun, Spider-Man has survived as long as he has because he refuses to give up, because he doesn't see losing as the endgame. While Old Man Spider notes this at the end, it's not enough to change his outlook on the war, and that's actually a good thing as it would have made the story silly if he'd gone through a full character arc.

The Luck of the Parkers meanwhile is a more sombre tale. Here, by having Uncle Ben survive because Peter reacted badly to the spider-bite, Roger Stern makes the slightly depressing point that, if Peter Parker had never become Spider-Man, then his life would be a happier one. There's definitely a reflective tone as well at the beginning, when Noir & Six-Armed Spider-Man watch "Lil' Pete" from his hospital bed. Stern does a great job with this pairing of Spider-Men. Noir is a more hardened superhero, having skirted closer to the darker side of vigilantism as well as living in a tougher time period, and therefore views things more in black and white. Six-Armed Spider-Man meanwhile understands that, like his own physiology, things are more complicated. Despite the smaller scale of this story, it feels like there's a lot at stake. There's a real motivation here for these Spider-Men as they have a chance to ensure that, at least in one reality, Uncle Ben lives and Peter Parker has a "happy ending" and the fact that they succeed makes this story a heartwarming one. The cousins joke then is quite fitting as you get the sense that they feel an almost brotherly sense of responsibility to their younger alternaverse self. Despite the downbeat tone, this story isn't without a sense of humour. I love the running gag of Six-Armed Spidey calling Noir "Bogart", as well as Noir's reactions to present-day technology (he'd probably faint if he lived in 2099 for a day).

As for the artwork, Dave Williams covers the first story and he does a really good job with it, giving the story a real '90's' look in the panels, though some of them are a bit lacking in detail. I do like how he draws the Spider-Men though Bob McLeod's work meanwhile, while very polished and modern looking, also feels evocative of the period of Spidey which Stern worked on, which gives this story a vague sense of nostalgia that goes along well with the core premise. All the Spider-Men (and pigs) here look great. Ham looks perfectly zany and, as a small touch, I like the almost sinister shape of Old Man Spiders eyepieces as it suits his serious demeanour.

Though it's pretty minimal in it's contributions to the overall plot of Spider-Verse, this issue is still essential reading for Spidey fans and a whole lot of fun...

Score: 4.5/5.0

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 10

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 December 2014

Amazing Spider-Man # 10
Featuring : Superior Spider-Man
Part 2: Superior Force

This issue begins in the Ultimate Universe, Earth 1610, where Miles and Jessica Drew of that world were last attacked by Lady Verna and her three hounds. Miles is about to die when Assassin Spider-Man, Spider-Punk and Superior Spidey appear to save him. The three save Miles and Jessica and escape, leaving an extremely pissed Lady Verna behind with her dead pets.

Over at the safe zone on earth-13, home to Captain Universe Spider-Man, our good old Friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man continues to question why they think he is the chosen one. Cindy, who is also present quietly goes from Spider-Man to Spider-Man, wondering if she has the same sexual connection with these other Spiders as she does with Earth 616 Peter. As it turns out, she is not attracted to any of them except for Kaine ( Peter’s clone), but even that she notes is not quite the same.

Old Man jacket Spidey informs the group that they have detected another group of Spider-Men, also gathering, and suggests that they divide into three teams to find the other group. Peter ( our Peter) however, does not allow Gwen to come along. Old Man Spidey also does not allow Cindy to come along for yet unknown reasons. Silk however, secretly follows anyway, against instructions.

The main team ( Peter, jacket spidey, Spider-UK, Mayday, Kaine, Miguel, Spider-Woman (Jess Drew) and Spider-Ham) finds Spider-Ock’s team. Ock is not impressed by their presence stating that they have cause their reading levels to go off the charts, nullifying his cloaking device he has been working on to hide from the inheritors.

He notes that Kaine and Silk have abnormally high reading levels that will certainly attract the inheritors. Old Man Spidey explains that they are special spider totems called The Other, and The Bride respectively.  Obviously, Old man Jacket Spidey is not impressed that Silk has sneaked through the portal, and our Spider-Man is shocked to see a physical version of the Superior Spider-Man beside him, still alive. Old Man Spidey also notes that his readings tell him that Superior Spider-Man is from 616. When questioned, Peter explains that Ock is from the past who got shoved into the future at one point. While everyone is taking this in, Miguel looks around and realizes that Ock was shoved into his future, forward to the year 2099 where they currently are.

Just then, Daemos comes through the portal. Fortunately, Superior Spider-Man has been planning for his arrival and instructs his team to do as they have practiced. In the midst of battle, Cyborg Spider-Man is killed. Together, and with the help of Spider-UK’s team, they manage to kill Daemos. While these inheritors usually crumble when killed, Ock used 2099 tech to design a weapon that will prevent such crumbling of the body so they can study the body. Six armed Spidey and Lady Spider volunteer to help with the autopsy as they are specialists.

The Spiders are torn over whether or not it was right to have killed Daemos. Mayday however is not among them, wishing that it was her hand instead of Ock’s that delivered the killing blow. Ock’s readings however note that Kaine was the one who delivered the most damage to Daemos.

Ock also points out that Silk is the source of all the problems and wants to get rid of her. At this point, Old Man Spidey takes charge warning Ock to stay away from Silk. He states that while the rest of them are fumbling in the dark, he is the only one who knows what is going on here. Before he can finish his sentence however, he is killed by another Daemos, who has just entered the portal again, along with the twin inheritors.

This time, Assassin Spider-Man is killed in battle and the other Spiders scramble. The Superior Spider-Man is feeling less Superior after feeling dumbfounded as to how this other Daemos has appeared. Kaine, Ben, and Ultimate Jessica Drew (All clones) decide to go into the portal where Daemos came from to figure out how to stop the inheritors from cloning themselves.

All the other Spider-Men also flee into different portals ( I’m not sure where they came from).  Before our Peter leaves however, he is called by a dying Old Man Spidey, who turns out to be Ezekiel, from a world where Peter was killed by Morlun and Ezekiel got a Jacket costume made to carry on the work of Spider-Man.

Ezekiel instructs Peter to keep the Bride, the Other , and the Scion safe at all costs as they are all that matter. Before Peter can ask any questions, Silk steals Peter’s portal opener, gets the attention of the inheritors and goes through a portal to distract them. As Peter is about to follow her through, Spider-Woman volunteers saying that he is needed where he is to lead the others. Ock also instructs Spider-Man Noir to go along and report back to him.

The inheritor twins chase after Silk, and Daemos goes to retrieve his old body, now in the hands of Spider-Man 2099. The rest eventually regroup back at the safe zone. While the Spider-Men are filling those who stayed behind on what had happened, Superior Spider-Man takes leadership instructing them to stop talking, stating that he is now in charge.

At this, our Spider-Man’s spider sense starts tingling!

This issue, focused a little too much on the Superior Spider-Man for an Amazing Spider-Man book. Peter barely contributed  to this issue at all.

As a Spider-Verse book however, I would have rated this much higher than the actual Spider-Verse #1 issue which was really quite boring.

While some people may be growing tired with Silk and her character, I found her to be quite amusing, carrying a very feminist vibe along with her character, wanting to do whatever she wants, refusing to be protected.

Daemos’ clone was not at all expected as was the quick death of Assasin Spider-Man, which really got no acknowledgement at all from the other Spiders considering the build up to his character from the Superior Spider-Man books. Even Cyborg Spider-Man’s death was more noticed.

I was probably most disappointed that Old Man Jacket Spider-Man turned out to be Ezekiel and not the actual Jacket Spider-Man from Amazing Spider-Man # 500 as I first thought. Nonetheless, this proves to be quite a twist adding more mysticism and superstition to the whole Spider-Man origin. I for one was never a fan of Ezekiel’s back story about the origin of Spider-Man, much preferring the traditional radioactive spider bite coincidence. Nevertheless, it appears that Ezekiel’s Spider-Man origin has been revisited in full force this time, quite likely to change the origin for real now.

It was great however to see that Kaine as the special one who has embraced the Other gained much attention and is now even among the three most important spiders!

Here in Amazing Spider-Man # 10, we also see more of Lady Spider, whom I did not notice before. Lady Spider was among the characters featured in Spider-Verse # 1, whose back story was among the more interesting ones.

I also have to note that this is the Superior Spider-Man from the past, a time when he had not yet lost to the Goblin, or admitted defeat, naming Peter as the more Superior Spider-Man. As such, this Superior Spider-Man is going to be a real pain in the ass and will probably end up going back to the 616 earth with no memories of how he had finally humbled himself. The Spider-Men are dealing with the Superior Spider-Man at the peak of his ego. 

Finally, I have to point out that mixing up earth-610 and 1610, was a really bad error that threw me off completely in my AmazingSpider-Man # 9 review. Having seen so many alternate Spider-Man, I automatically assumed that Lady Verna was chasing an alternate version of Miles and Jessica clone Drew ( that’s what I’m calling her now).

Over all a great story leading to lots of mini series’ that will be reviewed asap. Much apologies for these much outdated reviews. ( We are running short on help on the site here * Hint*) Cheers!

 Finally... who or what is the Scion?!


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