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The Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 15

Posted by bulletproofsponge 28 February 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 15 review
Spider-Verse: Epilogue

After the battle between the Spiders and the Inheritors in the last issue, most of the Spider-Men and Women say their last goodbyes to their new friends before heading back into their respective worlds.

May Parker apologizes to 616 Peter for saying that he was not the real Spider-Man, insinuating that he was not the same man her father was. Peter assures her that she had every right to be angry as she probably had the most to deal with throughout the whole episode.

May Parker returns to her world to find Uncle Ben Spider-Man, her baby brother, her boyfriend, and her mom ( Mary Jane) still alive and well. Uncle Ben asks if he can stay on their world and be a grandfather to Baby Ben, since his world was destroyed. Needless to say, he is welcomed with open arms.

Mary Jane then takes Peter’s old Spider-Man costume and gives it to May. With her father gone, Mayday decides to begin anew as Spider-Woman, no longer Spider-Girl.

Back on Loomworld, more Spiders say their goodbyes when suddenly the last remaining spiders experience some extreme traumatizing spider sense. As it turns out, Spider-Ock, having figured out his fate, tries to cut the webs with of the Great Web with Morlun’s knife in order to change his future.

Cutting the great web results in several worlds being lost. Simultaneously, Madame Web, aka Julia Carpenter, wakes up from coma back on the 616 world, regaining her physical sight, but losing her web foresight. She last went into coma after the events of Amazing Spider-Man # 695

Peter 616 advises Spidey 2099 and Spider-Gwen to get back to their respective home-worlds before the portals to their worlds get destroyed. After much persuasion, the two do as instructed and head back to their homes. Spider-Man 2099 reassures Spider-Gwen that the good guys win in the end as he was there to witness Superior Spider-Man lose.

The remaining members from earth 616 – Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Jess), Spider-Girl (Anya) and Silk, along with Spider-UK and Karn, proceed to stop Superior Spider-Man. When almost stabbed by Spider-Ock with the knife, Anya realizes there are words inscripted on Morlun’s knife. She tries to read it while fighting Spider-Ock.

As we later find out, the inscription reads that “There will always be a Master Weaver spinning at the centre of the Web.” This leads Silk to believe that she is the one destined to fix the great web since the Inheritors constantly referred to her as the spinner of the web. Later when Superior Spider-Man loses the knife during his battle with Peter and Spider-Woman, Anya gets the chance to read the other side of the knife which reads “only death can release the weaver from their sacred task.”

Having been trapped in a room for all her life, Silk second guesses the responsibility, not wanting to be trapped for the rest of her life. Karn, having been an outcast for most his life and locked in his mask of shame, understands Silk’s concern and volunteers to be the weaver. He states that he has consumed enough Spider life force over the years to do the duty of “the Bride.” He also sees it as a way to repay the spiders for the loss he has inflicted to their kind over the years.

As it turns out Karn was indeed destined to be the Weaver as they soon discover that the dead Master Weaver was actually an older version of Karn himself. Karn then unlocks the Master Weaver’s suit which can only be unlocked with his spear which he invented as a child, further confirming that he is meant to be the Weaver.

Meanwhile over at the battle between Ock, Peter and Jess, Ock knocks Jess out of the picture, resulting in a final battle between just Ock and Peter. The two battle it out and Peter eventually gains the upper hand, despite having half his life force sucked out by Morlun not long ago. Seeing that he is about to lose, Ock instructs his hologram, Ana Maria to enter into sleep mode for 100 days as previously discussed.

Karn, now in the Master Weaver costume begins to try to fix the Great Web. He states however that it will take time, and that the spiders will lose their spider sense for a while. He also states that ock must be placed back in his proper timeline before he can send any of the others home. Ock vows revenge on Karn for sending him back to his “death.” Karn responds saying that Ock already gained his revenge by killing his older self. Ock is then sent back to Superior Spider-Man # 19 and loses all memory of what had taken place.

Back on Loomworld, Karn, now the Master Weaver attempts to send Spider-UK back to his world but is unable to due to the fact that his world no longer exists. Spider-UK decides to stay on Loomworld and help Karn with whatever weaving duties are needed. Anya, feeling a connection to the place with her ability to read the ancient language too decides to stay on Loomworld, believing that she could be of more use there than back home where there are Spider-Girls at every corner ( almost).

Spidey regrets that Kaine received such a demoralizing death and comments that he deserved better. Back on earth 616, Spider-Man, Silk and Spider-Woman go about their separate ways, catching up on what they had missed over the last few days. Peter decides that after leading a whole team of spiders, that he is able and ready to finally be a proper director of his company. For a moment, he second guesses if he will be able to return to stopping simple street crimes, but soon puts aside all such thoughts when he helps an old lady from a snatch thief.

In the epilogue, we see Kaine, or an arm, presumed to be Kaine’s breaking out of the body of the “Other!”

As a final issue and closure to the Spider-Verse series, I thought this issue did well to close most of all the loose ends left unanswered from the last issue, which was extremely rushed. Even the question of what the Inheritors would eat in their bunker was answered, though not mentioned in the review.  (Read the issue to find out)

Most of the spider people left pretty quick. I was sad to see that there was no follow up with May Parker Spider-Woman, especially since she got a fair bit of showtime throughout the series. She, like most of the others simply left too soon. We also don’t get to see any of Spider-Man Noir, who pretty much lefts the series soon after he joined it.

Superior Spider-Man destroying the Great Web and the Master Weaver turning out to be Karn himself was a decent surprise. The whole situation involving time travel and destiny reminds me a lot of last year’s movie Predestination. (Highly recommended)

As Spider-Man 2099 pointed out to Spider-Gwen, Superior Spider-Man ends up realizing that Peter is indeed the better Spider-Man and will give up the mantle in the end. However, we are now aware of a timed message Superior Spider-Man had sent to himself 100 days later. Whether or not is actions could make an impact on history or not is up for endless debate and cannot be known for certain.

One thing for sure however, much like Kaine, Dr Octopus will not remain dead for long, and whatever back up plan he set in motion with his hologram will definitely come into effect in the issues ahead. For a character that held so much importance throughout the series, Superior Spider-Man truly blew his chance to be remembered as a hero when he destroyed the Great Web. However no complaints can be made for ensuring that the Superior Spider-Man stayed true to his character.

I’m also pretty glad to see Anya find her place in the Loomworld. We never saw much of her in 616 anyways which really didn’t make sense considering the amount of crime in New York. Dumping her on Loomworld with a portal to come back and pay her bills etc back home whenever she likes is the perfect solution of what to do with her character. Likewise, Spider-UK, being such a large part of the Spider-Verse is also conveniently placed on Loomworld so we can easily see and read more stories about him in the future when the time is right.

Finally, with the disappearance of Spider-UK’s world, not related to Spider-Ock destroying the Great Web, we can be sure that the same Cosmic Phenomena will be coming for earth 616 sooner or later, resulting in another big event that would likely happen very soon. (hint: Secret wars?)

Spider-Verse Team-Up #3

Posted by Donovan McComish 26 February 2015

Hello everybody and welcome to my review of Spider-Verse Team-Up #3. Yes, as much as we'd all love to see more and more team-ups between the infinite variations of the Marvel Universe's web-headed, wall crawling super hero, we've come to the end of this tie-in series. Once again, Christos Gage pens the first story (which is strangely titled "Too Many Spider-Men" like the previous story), featuring the biggest team-up so far as a total of five Spiders take on the outcast Inheritor Karn. The final story in this series features a Spider-Girl, with Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema returning to add another chapter to the story of May "Mayday" Parker, aka Spider-Girl, as an alternate, spider-powered Uncle Ben attempts to calm the raging storm of vengeance that burns inside her.


Too Many Spider-Men II:

On Earth-3145, in the Spider-Army's newly-acquired bunker, Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man, is arguing with Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, over his latest plan to tip the scales in their favour against their Inheritors. The plan involves Karn, the exile who has also been killing and consuming Spiders to win favour back with his family after they blamed him for the death of their mother. Otto considers the plan a suicide mission as he has witnessed Karn in action, calling him "unstoppable". Spidey points out however that they now possess new information thanks to the scrolls Spider-Woman sent them after obtaining them from the Master Weaver on Loomworld in Spider-Woman #3. Anya Corazon, the Spider-Girl of Earth-616, agrees with Peter, saying that Karn's family hate him and he hates them, particularly his father, Solus. As he harbours similar feelings towards his own father, Otto is convinced that there is a chance that the plan will work.

On another earth, Earth-3123 to be precise, the Uncle Ben of that dimension shields his version of Peter Parker from Karn, who states that he has no interest in either of them, seeking only the Spider-Totem of this world. Step forward Aunt May, the Spectacular Spider-Ma'am! Ben & Peter are shocked to learn of May's secret identity, but she says that she kept it a secret for their own good. She senses immediately that Karn is too powerful to fight, telling him that if he wants to kill her, he should go ahead, asking that he not hurt her husband and nephew. Touched by her bravery and selflessness, Karn promises to make her death quick, as he still desires to "earn" his way back to his family. He is interrupted from killing the Spider-Maam however by the arrival of Anya, Hobie Brown, aka the authority-defying Spider-Punk from Earth-138, Ashley Barton, the Spider-Woman of Earth 807128 (though on that world she has another nickname), Pavitr Prabhakar, the Indian Spider-Man of Earth-50101 and Billy Braddock, aka Spider-UK, member of the Captain Britain Corps and resident of Earth-833.

Anya instructs Pavitr to get the Parkers to safety whilst Spider-Punk breaks his guitar over Karn's head. Karn sends Hobie careening back with a single punch, declaring his weariness of the endless conflict. Anya seizes upon that, telling Karn she is aware of his weariness and that he kills to survive, not for pleasure  as well as his banishment from his family and his quest for redemption in their eyes. Karn assumes that the Spiders mean to use this information to defeat him, but Spider-UK assures him he has it all wrong. They are in fact here to ask Karn to join them. Karn scoffs at this as he sends Spider-UK & Spider-Punk flying with a sonic clap, mockingly asking "does the tiger ally itself with the gazelle?" Spider-Man India replies that he knows about obligation to family better that most, but his family betrayed those obligations long ago. While they claimed to be punishing him for his mothers death, the truth is they sent him away because he questioned them. Karn says that it doesn't matter since he must feed on animal totems to live, but Ashley Barton points out, while stabbing Karn with his own forked spear, that he was told this by the same family who said he could come back to them if he killed enough spider totems, which was hundreds of years ago. Though he grabs Barton by the throat, Karn asks if there is another way to satiate his hunger and if the Spiders have the means. Anya replies that they don't, but if he helps them beat his family, they can use the Inheritors tech to find other means.

Hurling Ashley into Anya, Karn declares that his family can't be defeated as he pulls his spear from his chest. Spider-Punk charges into Karn, stabbing him with his horns as he says that the power structure want them to think there is no hope, but that's when you need to stand up and fight. Karn protests that it's useless to defy "the natural order", but Spider-UK asks "who says there's only one natural order", reminding Karn of the multitude of worlds they've both visited and how beautiful and different they are, and that according to the scroll, he wanted to explore, record and celebrate their beauty rather than bringing death and destruction. And as for the fate side of it, Anya says that no one knows it like the Master Weaver, before revealing to Karn that the Weaver gave them the scrolls. The Spiders point out that they've taken a big risk telling Karn that, as he could use the information to undermine their efforts and get his family to take him back, but even if they did, they'd probably still be laughing at him behind his back. Spider-Man India offers Karn the chance to join their side again.

Karn is still hesitant though, saying that his hunger can be intense and uncontrollable, so to solve this, all of the Spiders (except Ashley) allow him to absorb a small amount of energy from each of them in order to keep himself going. He is saddened by the realisation that all of the suffering he experienced and caused never had to happen, remarking that his family told one truth, that there is no greater wretch then him. Spider-Punk tells him that no-one is beyond redemption however, and that they will help him take the first step on the long journey towards it. Their objective accomplished, the Spiders exit this world through the portal with Karn, leaving the Spider-Maam behind with her version of Uncle Ben & Peter, who simply says "Well, that was weird."


Taking place before the first story, in the bunker on Earth-3145, May "Mayday" Parker, the Spider-Girl of Earth-982, demands that they all go to "Loomworld" (Earth-001) now in order to save her brother, Benjy, from the Inheritors. Spider-Man India tries to calm her down, saying that only death waits for them on Loomworld, but Mayday refuses to listen, branding all the Spider-Men present phonies and claiming that her dad was the only real Spider-Man, saying that she'll go to Loomworld herself if someone will give her a teleporter. Anya  and the Spider-Man of Earth-3145, none other than Uncle Ben, say that it would be a suicide mission and she won't survive. Mayday remains angry, calling Ben the biggest coward of them all and that while her father looked up to his Uncle Ben, he'd be ashamed of this one. She leaps away and Ben follows after her, not noticing the "skritch skritch" noise coming from the wall nearby.

May leaps from one wall to the other, tears streaming from her face, as she further decries her teammates, thinking that none of them understand what it means to be a hero. Heroes save people, protect the innocent and defend the helpless. She then believes she's kidding herself, saying it's her fault Benny was kidnapped by Morlun and it's her fault her parents were killed, punctuating that last thought by smashing the wall with her fist.

Dangling from the ceiling, Uncle Ben interrupts her self-deprecation, trying to sympathise by asking about her family, particularly her version of Peter. Mayday isn't in the mood for bonding and lashes out at Ben, telling him to go to hell! Ben dodges her attacks as she continues to mock him, saying that her dad's Uncle Ben taught him to stand up, saying "does the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" ring any bells?" Ben corrects her, replying ""must also come." a subtle, yet profound, difference." adding that there's no guaranteed link between power and responsibility. He admits that he gave up when his versions of Peter & Aunt May died, but that doesn't give Mayday the right to judge him. Meanwhile the "skritch skritch" sound builds as a crack appears in the wall. Mayday maintains that her dad would be ashamed of Ben, who refuses to believe that she could be so egocentric to say that as his Peter was just as real as hers. Just as Mayday shows off her impact webbing (a gift from her own "Uncle Ben", Ben Reilly), both her and Ben's Spider Sense start tingling (though Ben calls it his "Danger Sense" *facepalm*).

An army of mutant spiders suddenly burst through the wall, having thrived on the radiation from the nuclear holocaust that ravaged Ben's world (courtesy of his version of Otto "I'm so Superior" Octavius). Mayday uses her stingers to try and destroy them, but there are too many. She claims that the mutant spiders prove her point - they aren't safe anywhere - as she covers both the spiders and the floor with her webbing. She continues that Daemos (the hulking brute of an Inheritor that killed her father) and his siblings are unrelenting and the only way they will win if they take the fight to the Inheritors first and destroy them all. She orders Ben to get off the floor so she can magnetise the webbing, freezing the spiders in their place. Ben asks why she is the only Spider-Person who has that power, to which May responds "who says I am?" Working together, she and Ben force the spiders out of the bunker and seal the breach using their webbing.  Ben points out that Mayday caused the spider attack with her "temper tantrum". He tells her that she needs to get her emotions under control and forget Loomworld (guess you threw sympathy out of the window huh?), as she can be safe here in the bunker. Mayday walks away from Ben, saying he doesn't understand. She can't have a life without Benjy, as he all that she has left. She hopes there are an infinite number of realities, maybe even one where her family is still alive. Whatever the case, she says she'll be fighting for them when she rescues her brother from Loomworld and kills Daemos...


As you can probably tell from my intro, I wouldn't have minded this series continuing for a while longer. The lack of a series like this on Marvel's current list of series has been more than noticeable (though we'll soon have Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up to fill the void), especially since the end of Avenging Spider-Man. Spider-Man is one of those characters who just seems to go hand in hand with the phrase "team-up", which is no-doubt why he was a regular feature in Marvel Team-Up. His keen scientific mind, coupled with his sense of humour and strong moral compass are huge parts of why he works so well when paired with other heroes or anti-heroes. As this series exclusively features alternate versions of Spider-Man, part of the fun has been finding the small details that make them different from one another as well as the common "thread" that links them all and I honestly think that series has done this very well.

Like the previous two stories written by Gage, Too Many Spider-Men Part II has an upbeat, fun tone with an emphasis on action. I cracked up at the appearance of the Spider-Maam, especially after learning that she was actually a pre-existing character created in the pages of Marvel What-If?. If there's been any missed opportunity in having members of Spidey's supporting cast as the web-slinger, it's that we've not seen a J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Man (the jokes would write themselves). Some people might criticise this story by saying it focuses on Karn more than it does the five Spiders that he tussles with, but there is actually another layer to the narrative that gives it some depth.

Each of the stories that Gage has written for this book have been partly devoted to examining an aspect of Spider-Man's personality and showing why it's part of what makes him such a great hero, with this one being the most sub-textual of the three. The Power of Positive Thinking was about Spider-Man's indomitable will and optimism, while Too Many Spider-Men Part I showed how, despite often joking around, he completely understands the severity of death. This time, Gage showcases an aspect of Spider-Man that is often overlooked, and that is his compassion. Aside from responsibility (of course), compassion has always seemed to be one of Spidey's biggest motivators for doing what he does, even in the face of intense public scrutiny. It's also played a big part in why several of Spidey's allies have very often been former villains, like Black Cat, Rocket Racer, Sandman & recently Clash from the Learning to Crawl prequel series. A more extreme example perhaps would be Doctor Octopus. While he did take over Peter's body and attempt to erase his personality, he ultimately learned from his mistakes and made the ultimate sacrifice to allow Peter to return, none of which would be possible if Spider-Man had left him to die in Ends of the Earth. That same compassion is what wins the day for the Spiders here. Karn has known nothing but cruelty from his family and has only ever done the things he's done to earn acceptance from them. This doesn't excuse him from his actions and he likely would have wound up dead if he was fighting another hero like Wolverine. Instead, the Spiders give him the opportunity to start what will be a long road to redemption.

Talking of the Spiders, it was good to see Spider-Man India and the 616 Spider-Girl utilised alongside the more prominent variations like Spider-Punk Spider UK (Who should absolutely be played by Andrew Garfield if the worse comes to pass and Spidey is recast for his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe), as they've been somewhat underutilised up until now. Despite the larger number of Spiders present, each manages to get a moment here and most of them come off as pretty awesome, except for Ashley Barton who is just an arrogant grump, though that shouldn't be surprising given her unsavoury nickname in her home reality.

Bugged has a lot going for it from the start as it features a complete reunion of the Spider-Girl creative team. It must no doubt be weird for Tom Defalco & Ron Frenz to return to the character after Dan Slott introduced such a huge change in status-quo for Mayday Parker, but it doesn't show and they do a great job in conveying her anguish at losing her parents and boyfriend and her fear at losing the only thing she has left: her brother. The problem with this story lies in the pairing of Mayday with the Uncle Ben Spider-Man. While he's an interesting character in his own right, the pairing is just awkward and doesn't quite serve Mayday's story in the way it should. Ben doesn't really have anything to offer in terms of altering her current darker state of mind apart from the moment when he comments on her use of "with great power comes great responsibility", which was the best part of their exchange in my opinion. I honestly think that if the writers had more control over this story then they would have had Spider-Girl exchanging words with the mainstream Spider-Man rather than Uncle Ben, since she begins the story feeling as though all the Spider-Men are pale imitations of her dad. Peter earning her respect and convincing her that revenge is not the answer would have be more emotionally gripping than Ben simply telling her that she should get her emotions under control.

The art this issue is pretty good across the board. There are some parts of Dave Williams' work that are a little rushed, but he provides plenty of fun, dynamic action. The money shot of all five Spiders emerging from the portal is just that. I'll take a moment to comment on the designs of the characters. There's been a great degree of creativity on display where all the Spider-Men, Women and Animals are concerned. Spider-Punk & Spider-UK in particular have very awesome costume designs, with the latter feeling more minimalist in comparison to Punk's full-blown gimmick-look. Karn also has an intimidating presence thanks to the ominous, steampunk-esque look of his helmet, and the fact that it clashes the rest of his outfit highlights his internal conflict. Consistently, Sal Buscema does a stronger job with Bugged. I really like the classic feel his artwork evokes. His version of Spider-Ham even looks closer to the original appearance of the character. There's plenty of detail in both the drawing and Buscema's inks and the colours by Andrew Crossley add to that perfectly, with a nice contrast between the bright colours of Spider-Girl's costume and the muted, darker background of the bunker.

This isn't what you'd call a perfect end to this series (I wouldn't have minded if they'd forgone the second story and extended out the first with maybe a few extra Spider-People added to the line-up), but it's still very entertaining and boasts some great artwork, not to mention that this issue contains a major plot point in the overall story of Spider-Verse. Overall, this has been an entertaining series with the right amount of nostalgia and fun. It's been short, but very sweet...

Score: 3.5/5.0

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 14

Posted by bulletproofsponge 14 February 2015

The Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 14 review
Spider-Verse: Part 6
Web Warriors

This issue begins with Silk already missing. We do not get any scenes showing how or when she got caught, but as Spider-Woman later explains, the Inheritors took her to the great hall to be sacrificed.

The Spider-Men port right in the centre of the battle just as Spider-Gwen is being attacked by Lady Verna’s Goblins. Peter (616) instinctively wants to get Gwen out of the way to safety, but this Gwen insists that she handle the situation herself. Needless to say, Gwen does take care of herself and thanks Peter for trusting her.

We next see Daemos, lost without his Father, Lord Solus, whom Kaine killed. Jennix however passes Daemos a crystal containing their father’s life force. If they ever recreate the cloning facility, they would be able to bring their father back to life.

Morlun proceeds with the ritual while the other Inheritors stop the hordes of Spider-Men coming their way, including Miles’ group of Web Warriors. Ultimate Jessica Drew also arrives with them. (Last seen at the cloning facility by herself) and finds a torn piece of Kaine’s suit.

Morlun successfully performs the ritual (of just taking some blood) on Kaine and Silk. He is about to do so with Baby Benjy when he is stopped by 616 Spider-Man and Spider-Ock. Spider-Uncle Ben, jumps into the great Web and teleports away from the battle. Spidey fights Morlun, taunting him, while Ock battles it out with Daemos and is soon assisted by Mayday Parker. May is still thirsty for revenge and wants to kill Daemos.

Morlun eventually rids himself of Parker and tries to perform the ritual on baby Ben, only to find that Uncle Ben Spidey had switched Baby Ben with a naked Spider-Ham, and had taken Baby Ben to safety.

Spider-Ham and Morlun fight for a while till Peter gets back on his feet and calls in more reinforcements – Spider-Man 2099, Lady Spider and Leopardon!

Over at the battle between Spider-Girl and Daemos, May manages to steal Lord Solu’s life force from Daemos and is about to crush it. Morlun taunts Peter saying that he will eventually find Baby Ben and sacrifice him anyway. Upon hearing this, Ock decides to kill the Master Weaver, thus ending the Inheritors ability to teleport. This comes as a shock to everyone. Peter rebukes Ock saying that they are heroes, and heroes do not kill.
Upon hearing this, Mayday pauses for a moment and sees Daemos on his knees begging for his father’s life. She then tells herself that she is Mayday Parker, daughter of Spider-Man and decides not to take vengeance.

By now, Morlun is furious and begins sucking the life force out of Parker. The other Spiders try to help but Parker signals to them to stay put. While having his life force sucked out, Peter teleports both himself and Morlun to earth-3145, the world filled with radiation poisoning. Morlun begins to choke and Peter tells him to head to the bunker and never come out if he wants to live.

All the other Inheritors are then somehow captured and thrown into earth – 3145 as well. Daemos, has suddenly become a timid dog, not wanting to attack and is confused at the Spider’s kindness in showing them mercy despite the evil they have done.

The scene ends with Peter being held in Silk’s arms, both still attracted to one another, but satisfied with just holding hands.

As anyone reading this last issue would be thinking. This issue is way too rushed. So much so that part of the story just doesn’t make sense any more. There were some pretty good parts to this issue which will later be highlighted, but for the most part, there is no way the war could have ended that fast, especially not against such powerful enemies.

For starters, how were the Inheritors, the powerful beings who could destroy anything that stood in their path, subdued by webbings at the end? Surely they could all easily break out and suck the life force from several Spider-Men at least.

It could be argued that Karn, and Leopardon may have turned the tables of the battle, but still, it doesn’t quite add up. Also, Daemos’ character somehow takes a 180 degree turn following the death of his father. It was not even hinted once that Daemos shared such love for his father. It was even foretold that he would outlive his father. I’m not entirely sure what the big deal here was that caused Daemos to act like a puppy all of the sudden.

Also, why is it that Morlun did not just kill Silk when he performed the ritual, but instead took some blood from her palm! Didn’t this guy watch Pirates of the Caribbean?? Strangely however, when it came to baby Ben, he looks as though he was about to kill him! Why? Surely Silk poses more a threat than Baby Ben. He should have killer her and tried to take some blood from the baby’s palm instead. Wrong move Morlun.

Unfortuantely, we do not get to see any of Leopardon or Karn in action in this issue. All that effort by Spider-Man 2099 to get some radiation into Leopardon and we don’t even see it being used. Perhaps their point of view in the battle will be highlighted a little more in some other tie-ins.

Some of the better things in this issue included seeing Spider-Gwen kick the Goblin’s ass without help, Mayday Parker not crushing Lord Solus’ life force (though I would not have considered that murder) and reminding herself that she is the daughter of Spider-Man, seeing Spider-Ham tell Mayday that her dad would be proud of her if he was anything like him and strangely, I quite enjoyed the moment shared between Silk and Spider-Man at the end.

As for the element of surprise, I must say that this issue had a fair amount of it. Firstly, there was no way I saw the death of the Master Weaver as a possibility. Spider-Ock’s logic is undeniable. Killing the Master Weaver would mean the end of the Inheritor’s transportation from world to world. However, if Jennix is smart enough to perfect a cloning facility, I’m quite sure he would be able to make a teleportation device as well. Regardless, this act threw everyone off, especially Morlun.

The other thing that I did not expect was the switching of Baby Ben and Spider-Ham. There was
absolutely no inkling that the switch was taking place when Uncle Ben ran away from the battle. Considering the fact that he did not want to come to fight the Inheritors in the first place, him running away did not seem like and unbelievable act.

With the Inheritors currently occupying his old home, aka the bunker, Uncle Ben will have to find a new world to live in. Somehow I doubt he will be coming to earth 616. In my opinion, his best option is to stay with Mayday and help raise little Ben with the values that Peter once learned, causing Baby Ben to grow up and become the same hero his father was.

The next issue will be the epilogue to the Spider-Verse, where we will probably see a much awaited conversation between Otto and Peter. As it is, in this issue, there is a panel where Ock is already devising a plan at the mention of going home by some of the other Spider-Men. I am also curious to find out what exactly became of Kaine when the Other was killed. Is this really the last we will see of the Scarlet Spider? We also know that Spider-Verse will tie in to Marvel’s newer event – Secret Wars, so it will not be the last we see of these new characters.

Overall, a really average issue though. It was a little too rushed and just didn’t make sense. Then again, its comics people!

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 8

Posted by bulletproofsponge 06 February 2015

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 8
Spider-Verse: Tie in

Fortunately enough, the contents of this issue are not already spoiled in Amazing Spider-Man # 13 much like Spider-Woman # 3 and Scarlet Spiders # 3.

We last saw Spider-Man 2099 and Lady  Spider landing at the safe zone, only to find that it is not so safe anymore. Lady Spider goes into a slight depression, thinking that everyone had been killed. Moments later however, Miguel spots an anomaly that turns out to be the remains of the giant robot – Leopardon ( Last seen in Amazing Spider-Man # 12)

Miguel has the idea to fix the robot, but needs a lab big enough to fit all the giant robot parts. Lady Spider says she knows of a place, which we later find out belongs to Harold Osborn’s father. Harold agrees to let Lady Spider use the lab on the condition that May go out to dinner with him. ( He does not know that they are one and the same).

Harold’s father however, much like Harry's (616 universe), father is none other than the Green Goblin! Naturally Mr Osborn agrees as soon as he hears that Lady Spider wishes to use the facility.

Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider teleport the robot to the facility piece by piece. After a little experimenting, they almost manage to get the robot live. Spidey 2099 however has the idea of adding radiation to the robot, seeing that through their autopsy, they found out that radiation is the Inheritors’ weakness.

 Unfortunately radiation is only just being discovered in that timeline. Before they can come up with a conclusion, Harold walks into the room, unknowingly followed  by the Six men of Sinestry.

Some pretty cool fight scenes take place including Leopardon coming to life briefly, though in parts, and Spider-Man 2099 slicing the Goblin’s throat and tricking him into believing that he would soon bleed to death.

More notably however, when Dr Octopus is knocked out, Spider-Man 2099 realizes he can use Ock’s radioactive power center for his arms to bring Leopardon to life. Once fixed, Leopardon, Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider travel to help their friends out on Loomworld.

In the epilogue, Harold wakes up and goes to see his father. Unfortunately, he sees his father in the gobbling costume, leaving his father no choice but to shoot Harold.

If you are wondering how Spider-Man 2099 would know where the others are, or that they are evens still alive, there was a scene I skipped, which was pretty much a repeat from Amazing Spider-Man # 13, where Peter Parker Spider-Man makes a call to Miguel asking him for his assistance to battle it out on Loomworld. The conversation did not exactly happen as it did in Amazing, but the general idea is there.

I was pretty glad that this issue was not simply a rehash of what happened in the other tie-in books, which is how it is supposed to be. The slight romantic development between Harold and May was also pretty cute. Unfortunately for her, that dinner date she has with Harold is never going to happen, unless of course Harold survives the gunshot.

The return of Leopardon was a pleasant surprise that was not at all expected. When I read Amazing Spider-Man # 13, I wondered what it was that Miguel was up to that was so important. In this book, we learn not only what they were up to, but what they learnt from the autopsy, which was kept secret from the reader.

Though the fact that radiation affects the Inheritors is not news at all since we all knew that from the very beginning, it was neat to see that at least one of the Spider-Men decided to use it against the Inheritors. I would say it was a clever move, but really, this should have been done long ago by Peter Parker (616) since he knew of this weakness long before any autopsy, or any radiation infected world was discovered.

The fight scenes between the Six Men of Sinestry and our Spider-Friends was most entertaining. As I mentioned the first time I read about Lady Spider and the Six Men of Sinestry in Spider-Verse # 1 , I would certainly follow a series following Lady Spider in this world. I would also have liked to see Spider-Man Noir turn up in this world with Lady Spider. 

From the scenes in the comic, it appeared as though the Goblin was not aware that his son had also come into the facility. He had no intention of revealing himself to his son, and certainly not to kill him. I do have some suspicions however that Harold may not actually be dead but is probably knocked out cold and will be given some serum to turn him into a hobgoblin of some sort, thus making Lady Spider’s romantic life more complicated.

Spider-Woman # 3

Posted by bulletproofsponge 05 February 2015

Spider-Woman # 3
Spider-Verse Tie-in

Being a book that not only focuses on Jessica Drew, but on Silk and Spider Gwen as well, this book should really have been named Spider-Women or Spider-Girls instead of Spider-Woman. 

We first see Silk, landing in earth-3145 after being chased by the Inheritor twins. As we have seen many times already in other issues, she suits up in a Websmat Suit (Self Webbed Hazmat Suit) in search for a bunker of this world, similar to the bunker she was trapped in for years. After lots of walking, she eventually manages to find the bunker and unlocks it with the same code used for her own bunker.

Over on Loomworld, Jessica, whom we last saw taking the identity of Jessica Drew of that world and finding out that her doppelganger is Morlun's sex slave, is having a hard time covering her identity, pretending to be her other self. She uses her pheromone powers to blind Morlun a little as she had done with the pirate in the last issue. Morlun however begins to question her queer behavior of speaking and acting funny, not eating her shrimp and not wanting to ballroom dance. Jess eventually gives the excuse of having a bad tummy for her ill behaviour and Morlun buys it. Jessica takes her toilet break as an opportunity to escape and find a way out of her mess. 

Jessica, on Loomworld, knocks out the great hall guard- Mary Jane, and climbs into an air vent when she gets the call from Peter that we saw in ASM # 12. While crawling through the vent she is forced to tear her skirt (totally unnecessary), falls through the vent and ends up next to the Master Weaver. 

The Master Weaver very quickly convinces her that he is the one who orchestrated the convenience of having another Jessica Drew as Morlun’s pet to hide her cover. He reveals his slight rebellion against the Inheritors and gives her scrolls containing the keys to defeating the Inheritors. (All old news for those who have read the rest of the Spider-Verse stories) He then urges Spider-Woman to get back to her friends and pass them the scrolls containing information about the Scion, Bride, the Other and the Prodigal Son. Jess, not having any arguments there, tries to walk through the “great web” like how the Inheritors do, but is stopped abruptly by the Master Weaver who warns that her travel will not go unnoticed by the Inheritors.

It is at this point that Morlun walks into the room, as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #12. With not enough power in her teleporting device, Jessica teleports the scrolls to Spider-Man. Stuck on Loomworld with no way to get out, Jessica decides to hide until the war is over. More specifically, she chooses the ship whose captain she became quite friendly with, to be her hiding place. 

To her surprise, she is blasted by cannons and taken hostage by the new Captain of the ship – the Jessica Drew of Loomworld whom our Jessica last knocked out and put in a chest to be sent out to sea for a few days.

Just then, Spider-Gwen and Silk come to the rescue via a portal and prepare to fight the pirates (As we see in AmazingSpider-Man # 13)

My first problem with this issue is that almost everything covered in this issue was already told in either Amazing Spider-Man# 12 or #13. It would probably have been a decent issue if it came out before Amazing Spider-Man # 13 at least. Since it was all released at the same time however, most of the story was spoiled for me since I read ASM # 13 first.

In this issue however, we see some hints to what the second scroll is about, namely, the Prodigal Son. Spider-Verse Team up # 3 will tackle this part of the prophecy with a special team sent out specifically to find the prodigal son.

As in the first two issues, Spider-Woman stumbled around Loomworld making almost no effort to play the part of her other self. Nevertheless she somehow manages not to be noticed by anyone else, save Morlun, but even he is easily fooled. The reveal of the Master Weaver was not at all exciting as this part of the story was already told in the other book.

Overall this issue was not too necessary to the whole Spider-Verse story. It fills in a few blank spaces. Unfortunately, almost none are too critical to the storyline. Perhaps the best reveal in this whole issue was how Spider-Gwen, Silk and Spider-Woman ended up fighting pirates as seen in ASM # 13. Everything else was pretty much a repeat. As such it is probably very important that the reader read all the tie-ins before reading the main story in Amazing Spider-Man.

I did however enjoy seeing Loomworld’s Jessica get out of the treasure chest somehow and taking over the ship. Her short conversation with our Spider-Woman clarifies that she did not actually enjoy being Morlun’s concubine and much rather be Captain of the ship! At least there is some similarity between the two Jessicas’.

The unnecessary, but pretty cool appearance of Mary Jane from Loomworld was also pretty neat, though she was absolutely horrible as a guard.


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