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Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 9

Posted by bulletproofsponge 18 November 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 9 review

Spider-Verse:  Part 1
The Gathering

This story begins with Peter Parker of earth 449, who is actually living on the moon and still working for Jameson. Needless to say, this Peter is soon killed by Morlun.. as usual.

Over at the Loomworld aka earth 001, home of the Inheritors and the previous residence of the Master-Weaver as we read about in Superior Spider-Man # 33, Daemos and his sister await the return of Morlun. The inheritors have been travelling with the help of the now subdued Master Weaver.

Morlun's siblings taunt him about how he is afraid to face earth 616 after having previously died there. Morlun responds by saying that he is saving that world for last and warns the others not to touch that world before he does. Daemos however has no regard for his little brother's warning.

Back on Earth - 616, our Peter Parker is sleeping naked on his bed under the covers when Cindy, dressed in her new Silk costume appears to greet him, very playfully. She has come to tell him he should move out of New York and let her take over. Hoping to avoid their sexual attraction, Peter quickly changes into his Spider costume and asks Cindy to discuss matters outside.

As they swing outside, Spider-Man notices Spider-Ock's old spider squad using a spider tank to rob a bank. He and Silk stop the robbery. The spider squad are terrified to be facing two spider people and get even more confused when Spider-Woman ( Jessica Drew), Spider-girl ( Anya Corazon) Spider-Man 2099, Spider-UK, Mayday Parker ( the other spider-girl from MC2), and Spider Ham all appear.

Our Spider-Man gets a fright seeing so many versions of himself at once and even thinks it might be Mysterio. At that point, Mayday unmasks herself, having met Peter before, to convince him that this is all real. They have all gathered towards our Peter because he was the only one to defeat Morlun before.

Spider-UK explains the situation and how Daemos is on the way to Earth - 616. The spider people all enter the portal to escape Daemos.

Elsewhere in Eastern Europe, we see Kaine aka the Scarlet Spider, defeated alongside his team members, the New Warriors. Daemos is about to kill him, but Kaine has one last fight in him left and stabs him with his stingers.

At that point, Daemos realizes that he is facing "The other," and finds it even more amusing. Before he can kill Kaine however, Old man Jacket Spider-Man ( My favorite version), Bruce Banner version of Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, and a version of Ben Reilly arrive.

At first Kaine thinks that the Jackal  is behind the sudden appearance of these Spider guys and is hesitant to join them, but starts to believe them when he sees Ben Reilly and accepts that an explanation can wait. The team successfully save Kaine, but lose a fellow Spider-Man in the process - Bruce Banner.

The team regroups on Earth-13, an earth where the Spider-Man of that world remained as Captain Universe, thus making it a foolish move for the inheritors to dare face him. Unfortunately, the enigma force that makes him Captain Universe is limited to his dimension. If he steps into another dimension, he would just be another Spider-Man, helpeless against the inheritors. 

Spider-Man meets all the others and slowly begins to process it slowly...up to the point where they mention that he is their greatest weapon since he is the greatest of them all! What!?

Elseworld, on earth - 610, an alternate version of our Ultimate universe (earth-1610), we see Miles Morales, looking at his mother's grave when Jessica Drew ( the clone) of that world appears, giving him a speech about how they spiders have to stick together. Just then they are attacked by Lady Verna ( Morlun's sister) and her hounds.

Spider-Verse: The Feast

The first scene of the epilogue is rather interesting as it takes place on Earth 001 aka Loomworld. Unlike what I am previously imagined, the Loomworld is just another world like the rest. It also has similar characters as the rest of the worlds.

In the first scene, we have some servants rolling barrels of wine to the inheritor's palace. The spokesperson for the inheritors and servant to Lady Verna is a "Ms. Drew," who references that a Dr Connors and "Thompson boy" met a fatal end due to displeasing the inheritors.

Inside, the inheritors are sitting at their dinner table with Bruce Banner Spider-Man and some others on plates. They are waiting for Lady Verna and Morlun to return, much to the protest of Daemos and the other younger inheritors who are already hungry.

The Father, Lord Solus, however is the one who calls the shots. Before the feast, he requests to know about the spiders they have caught and from what worlds they come from.

The twins from Superior Spider-Man # 33 fight over who's tribute is better and mention their episode with Kahn in the process. Jennix, another of the inheritors, finds its interesting that the spiders are gathering as it has never happened before. Daemos however is already aware of the gatherings having encountered them previously already. He tells of how his intended prey - Kaine, escaped with the others. He also mocks Morlun stating that he almost had "The other" from the 616 universe.

This causes an uproar at the table and Morlun and Daemos begin to fight, though they are eventually stopped by Lord Solus. Lord Solus explains how he has already known the location of The others, the Bride, and the Scion for some time, thanks to the knowledge of the Master Weaver at his side.

After a little more chit chat about the great web and its meaning, the inheritors begin their feast... without Lady Verna for some reason. Probably the most important part of their dinner conversation was the knowledge that Morlun is to take over the crown, despite Daemos being the eldest. We also see that Jennix seems somewhat unhappy at the table during the feast.


Starting from the bottom up ( excluding the epilogue), Miles Morales of earth-610 will probably either die or be saved by Spider-UK's team. It's quite unlikely Ock's team will recruit another Miles, seeing that our usual Miles Morales is already in his team.

His significance up to this point is still unknown. Moving further back, the introduction of Captain Universe was pretty cool and it made much sense to use his world as a safehouse. Up to this point, the interaction between the different spiders are not highlighted too much. Kaine seeing Gwen and Ben was pretty cool. I will be looking forward to Kaine having a proper meeting with his Peter Parker however to make amends, especially after his last encounter with Spider-Ock.

Bruce Banner Spider-Man was not at all expected. Thankfully it was him who was taken by Daemos instead of Kaine. The loss of a new character is never felt as much as that of an old one who's story we've been reading for years.

While Kaine would probably belong more in Ock's team, I am glad that he was picked up by the "better good guys." Considering his view on life and his last meeting with "Spider-Man," joining Ock's team may very well turn him back to his older ways.

Being picked up by old man jacket Spider-Man and brought into the same team as the real Spider-Man would definitely be good for him.

As for the comical gathering of Spider guys at the spider squad's bank robbery, our Spider-Man was certainly as shocked as the spider squad. Peter also realized that Cindy was not kidding when she said that there was a primal instinct to come find him, even more primal than her usual attraction.

One thing that bothers me slightly is why Jessica Drew, Anya, Kaine and pretty much every "spider" in the 616 universe is present, but only the main Spiders of the other worlds are present.

Morlun, though trying to put on a tough show in front of his family is actually terrified of the 616 universe. It is highly likely that the end of the inheritors will be a result of family conflict with one another, and having almost nothing, or very little to do with the spiders. At the dinner table alone there were two conflicts, one involving the younger siblings and another between Daemos and Morlun. To top this off, Jennix seems unhappy at the table, and Lady Verna is not even present, still hunting Miles of earth - 610.

Lord Solus' face is somewhat always in the shadows. I'm not sure if it was intended to show superiority, or if it is because he is going to be someone we are quite familiar with, like Eli for example... though highly unlikely.

Finally, I would also like to comment on how queer it is that Ms Drew, quite likely the equivalent of Jessica Drew of the Loomworld, is working for the inheritors. Dr Connors and Flash Thompson of that world are dead, which leaves me to wonder what of the Spider-Man of that world?

Furthermore, in my review above, I forgot to mention that the "hounds" belonging to Lady Verna went by the names Sable, Fireheart, and Kravinoff, who somewhat resembled Silver Sable, Puma (Thomas Fireheart) and Kraven the hunter.

Overall a great start to the Spider-Verse story, leaving the readers wanting to find out more as soon as possible.

More reviews coming asap!

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 8

Posted by bulletproofsponge 17 November 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 8

This issue is divided into two stories. The first, being a continuation of the team up between Spider-Man and the new Ms Marvel from Amazing Spider-Man # 7, and the second, being the tie in to Spider-Verse.

Story 1: Adventures in Babysitting

This story continues from the last one, in which Dr Minerva is transporting an Inhuman Cocoon for unknown purposes.

Spider-Man and Ms Marvel do the classic Slingshot Maneuver that Spidey usually does with with Carol, much to the new Ms Marvel's delight.

Meanwhile, the thugs in the Hazmat Suits watch from afar, and one of them expresses his discontentment for doing a "Spider-Man" job.

After knocking Dr Minerva over, the two heroes come for the van where the hazmat guys are guarding the cocoon. One of the bad guys quickly adjust his weapon to make it a sonic blaster to defend himself. However, he soon realizes he has no need for it as Spider-Man only wants the cocoon.

The good guys grab the cocoon and make a run for it. While on the run however, the cocoon hatches, revealing a baby.

Spider-Man instructs Ms Marvel to take care of the baby while he handles Dr Minerva. Ms Marvel however is soon stopped by the bad guy helpers in the suits. Fortunately for her however, one of the bad guys turns on his fellow henchmen and blasts them with a sonic blaster gun. ( He is obviously the guy who upgraded his gun earlier)

He states that he is not a monster and did not sign up for a job like this. ( Not exactly, but that's what he meant)

Meanwhile, Cindy, after hearing her boss's comments on Silk's bad costume design, decides she needs to change her suit.

Back to Spider-Man, he is not doing so well with Dr Minerva, not until Ms Marvel shows up with her new henchman friend who explains how all the henchmen are human, not Kree. This brings Spider-Man to the conclusion that Dr Minerva's actions are not sanctioned by the Kree. As such, he makes a call to the Kree to report Dr Minerva, resulting in her running away.

A short scene switches over to the Diamond District, where Silk has stopped her first crime in her new costume, gaining some new publicity.

Finally, we see the baby is sent over to the hospital, Ms Marvel gets a pep talk from Spider-Man, and the bad henchman who became good turned out to be none other than Clayton Cole, whom Spider-Man recognized immediately and offered him a job over at Parker Industries.

Read more about Clayton Cole's history with Spider-Man in Learning to Crawl

Story 2:
Edge of Spider-Verse: My Brother's keeper

This story begins in earth 982 aka MC2 universe, where Spider-Girl ( Mayday ) lives. Daemos, Morlun's brother, is making an attack on this world, seeking the lives of Mayday, her brother, and Peter Parker of that world.

In case anyone here is unfamiliar, MC2 is a future universe where Peter married MJ, lost a leg, and had two kids - Mayday aka Spider-girl and Benjamin ( still a baby).

Peter fights to save his daughter's life, while MJ gives little Benjamin to Mayday, telling her that he is now her responsibility and that she must escape and keep him safe.

As Mayday runs out of the house she can hear her mother screaming. Mayday is met by the Jacket version of Spider-Man from Spider-UK's team who comes to save them from Daemos. Unfortunately, by then, Peter is already killed. Mayday swears to kill Daemos, going against every principle her father ever taught her to do so.


Starting from the top, the team up in the first story, though not the most interesting of story lines, made history as the first team up between Spider-Man and the new Ms Marvel. It also marked the reintroduction of Clayton Cole, whom, although we just found out about his back story not long ago, had history with Spider-Man from years ago.

Clayton's expertise with super sonic sound waves would certainly prove as a useful asset for Parker Industries. It was great that Spider-Man was able to recognize Clayton and help him get back on his feet, especially since the guy has been having a hard time finding a job due to his criminal record from when he was just a kid.

Silk's / Cindy's appearance in this first issue was absolutely unnecessary, and I have a feeling that it
may have just been added in there due to some fan's online complaining about her costume.

I am not digging the new Ms Marvel too much so I do not have to much to praise about her character and what he added to the story. Adding her to the Spider-Man book however was a great move to gain awareness among new readers about her character's existence and hopefully gain some new fans.

As for the second story, I must say that I am a little disappointed that Peter and MJ of the MC2 universe were killed. In the interviews post One More Day, I recall a comment being made abot how fan's of the Spider-Man marriage can look to the MC2 universe and consider that as the future that would have happened. I guess that just ended. Thankfully, their legacy still lives on... for now.

While Mayday has sworn to go against every principle her father has taught her, I do hope that she does not completely abandon her principles. Thankfully, she got picked up by Spider-UK's team and not Spider-Ock's team. Ock's influence, along with the other meaner Spider-Men would probably be a very bad influence and a fuel to the rage currently burning within her.

Nevertheless, one cannot say that it was unexpected to see Mayday join forces with the Spider guys as she is one of the more prominent alternate Spider people out there.

Now all we need is for Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield to join the cause!

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 5
Edge of Spider-Verse: Tie-in

This issue begins on Earth-98120, where the Spider-Man 2099 of that earth is part of the Avengers. Spidey tells his team members about how he has an uneasy feeling that he is being watched. Capt A assures him that he is not alone is whatever is coming for him.

Just then, Morlun comes in through a portal and kills Spider-Man after easily defeating his team members who tried to come to his aid.

At the time of that Spider-Man's death, our Spider-Man 2099 in the 616 universe gets a massive pain in his head while in pursuit of a helicopter. He eventually comes to be and finishes chasing the crooks but can't seem to figure out why he had the mysterious pain.

Back on world 98120, Morlun, after defeating the Avengers and killing Spider-Man 2099 of that world senses that he is being watched by Spider-Man 2099 from earth- 6375.

For a proper explanation about who this Spider-Man 2099 is, see this article here.

This version of Miguel ended up with Mary Jane after his many adventures with the Exiles. He has been observing Morlun and in the following panels we see him preparing to run to earth 616 using some old Exile equipment from his time with the Exiles, where he believes Morlun would not dare come due to him previously dying on that earth at the hands of Peter Parker of earth 616. 

Mary Jane decides that she wants to follow Miguel as well.

Back on earth 616, Miguel pitches the idea of building a super prison, much like Peter first intended, to Liz and Tiberius. Considering that Parker Industries recently failed accomplish the project, Liz agrees to the idea. Just then, both the Miguel’s, in their own earth’s get another splitting pain in the head. Another Miguel from earth – 96099, a reality created by Lyla (according to this article), is killed.

After the excruciating pain in his head, Miguel ( on earth 616) decides to go to the roof to get some air. There, he sees a portal opening with another version of himself with a Mary Jane coming through. Before his other self can make it through the portal however, he is killed from the back by Morlun. The Spider-Man 2099 from earth -6375 falls dead through the portal into our Miguel’s arms.

Miguel, now as Spider-Man 2099, challenges Morlun to face him. Morlun however, is afraid to enter through the portal and backs away. Miguel decides it’s time he finds Peter Parker and tells him what is going on.


This issue was brilliant, much better than the previous four, for obvious reasons. Firstly, it tie’s into Spider-Verse. If that itself is not good enough, we get to see a little of what had happened to the version of Spider-Man 2099 who joined the Exiles ended up with Mary Jane. While it was great to see that he was doing fine, it wasn’t the greatest to see him die so soon.

Obviously, Marvel is using this event to do away with previous characters that are no longer being written about, and to create new characters with new fresh stories to be told.

Having not followed the Exiles from before, it was a little confusing finding out who was who ( nothing to difficult however with the help of marvel wiki)

There is no sign of Mary Jane’s death, and it is also unlikely that Morlun would kill her as she is not a spider totem. Then again, Morlun did kill Miguel’s father of earth 96099.

I realize that reading this review must be quite confusing with the mention of each earth. The comic itself however is quite well written and friendly to new readers who know nothing about these alternate Spider-Men’s back stories. It is an easy read if you just accept these other Miguel’s as, just others. However, it does not carry the same depth and meaning as if you knew about these Spider guys from older comics. Seeing them die would obviously be a little saddening.

Also, so far, on every other earth we have beein reading about throughout this series, Mary Jane is always portrayed as the pre OMD version of herself in terms of character. Somehow, this personality did not stick in the 616 universe...

No further comment or complaint on the matter.

Regardless, it is an easy read for new readers and a great read for old readers.

Rating: 5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy #16

Posted by Donovan McComish 16 November 2014

Hello everybody and welcome to my review of Guardians of the Galaxy #16. Y'know, I'm wondering whether there was a mix-up with the covers for this and the previous issue.


Flash Thompson awakes to find himself a prisoner on-board a Skrull ship, with the Venom symbiote held in a nearby container. Flash is greeted by one of the aliens, who asks him questions in English regarding his "pet symbiote", asking him if it ate his legs, if he knows where it came from and what it's worth. All Flash can do is ask where the rest of the Guardians are.

As if to answer the question, we then cut to the Shi'ar Throneworld, where Drax the Destroyer's trial has begun. Gladiator recounts Drax's origin to the Imperium Tribunal, that he is actually the human Arthur Douglas, who was transformed into his current state for the sole purpose of killing Thanos. According to Gladiator though, Drax has instead chosen to use his gifts for terrorism and thievery, but what he is here to answer for is his alliance with Jean Grey and his "obstruction" of their way of justice. Drax repeatedly challenges Gladiator to combat, but is told by the Shi'ar praetor that that is not how this will work, and that he and his fellow Guardians will be held accountable. Drax's response? "GLADIATOR, I CHALLENGE YOU!" (points for persistence)

Elsewhere, on Planet Moord, Gamora is still being asked where her father, Thanos is by one of the Badoon rulers. Her "punishment" is being shown across the whole planet and to anyone else in the galaxy who wishes to watch, as a message to those who would challenge the Brotherhood and their way of life. Gamora refuses to give in however, continuing to fight even as she is slowly beaten into submission. The Badoon leader eventually tires of watching and orders the cyborg slaves to finish her. Gamora faces down her would-be executioners, saying that if this is her time, then so be it. Before the slaves can strike a killing blow, one of them is suddenly beheaded. Who is the beheader? None other than Angela, The Tenth Realm Heven's finest warrior and Thor & Loki's secret sister. She remarks that presenting Gamora's beatdown to the universe for someone like her to watch and folow probably wasn't the Badoon's best idea. Gamora tells Angela that she'll be right back as she makes for the Badoon leader, who attempts to flee whilst Angela tosses a sword to Gamora.

On Planet Spartax, King J'son's aide tells him via intercom that his son, Peter Quill, has just leapt to his death. Shocked, J'son exclaims that he doesn't want the entire galaxy watching his son fall to his death. But it seems Star-Lord was one step ahead of them all, as he's soon rescued by Captain Marvel, who was able to find him the same way Angela found Gamora and who Peter saw out of the corner of his eye before he jumped. Star-Lord also asks Captain Marvel to marry him, but she urges him not to ruin her moment as the pair fight their way through the Spartax Royal Guard. One of the guards happens to be carrying Peter's element gun, which he foolishly attempts to use on him, not realising that it's only set to Peter and no-one else. The resulting backfire kills the guard and Peter retrieves his weapon. Carol suggests they grab Peter's things and leave, but Peter has other ideas, asking his fathers aide at gunpoint where the rest of the Guardians (and his pants) are. At this point, J'son enters the room and orders his son to stand down, claiming he is desecrating his bloodline. Peter responds that he isn't the one who kidnapped his son and called it justice, but J'son says that he feels nothing but pity for Peter because "this fate is of your own choosing". He then adds "my only regret in this life is that the Badoon that tried to murder you as a child failed so miserably". After a moments silence, Peter questions if that is really his fathers biggest regret, that his enemies didn't kill his own son "because today I'd think it would be the cameras".

Yep, J'son has just put his foot in it big time by basically telling the whole galaxy that he wished the Badoon had killed his only son. Peter tells him that now everyone in his empire knows what he's known for years about his father and the lengths he'll go to keep his throne. He then explains to J'son what he keeps missing, that he can call the Guardians whatever he likes, but to the rest of the galaxy, the Guardians are the good guys, because they actually go out of their way to help people who can't help themselves, "and if you abuse of running this empire to kidnap us, attempt to murder us, to torture who would do anything for the people you stomp on...then what does that make you? What do you call the guy who tries to kill the good guys?" Watching this speech, the Supreme Intelligence contacts it's Kree scientists, telling them their experiment is over and to put the specimen (Rocket) back together. One of the scientists questions this, saying that they thought the specimen was theirs to keep, but the Supreme Intelligence answers that things have just changed, and they have learned everything they need to know here.

Having said his speech, Star-Lord demands his father tell him where the rest of his team mates are. J'son simply responds that the Guardians are "where they belong", and suggests that Peter should put down his weapon if he doesn't plan to use it. Peter keeps the weapon trained on J'son, despite Carol's protests, saying that J'son really shouldn't have said that thing about him and his mother. J'son replies "maybe not, but you frustrate the #@$% out of me boy". He closes his eyes, anticipating the kill shot, but when he opens them again, Star-Lord and Captain Marvel have gone. As she carries him away, Carol tells Peter she's proud of him for not pulling the trigger. Peter remarks that if the Guardians aren't in one piece when they find them, then he's coming back, and nothings going to stop him. Carol replies that she won't try. While J'son watches them fly away, the crowds below start chanting "DEATH TO THE EMPEROR!"

Back on the Skrull ship, one of the Skrulls is preparing to bond with the Venom Symbiote. Flash advises them not to do this, but the Skrulls ignore him, heavily hinting that they will kill him once the bonding is complete. They then open the container and release the symbiote onto the chosen Skrull. At first it seems to go well, with the symbiote even taking on a Skrull-themed appearance. But soon after it starts attacks and kills most of the skrulls before re-merging with Flash. The sole surviving Skrull, the same one who initially merged with the symbiote, grabs his weapon as Venom snarls at him "I WARNED YOU".

On the Throneworld, Drax's trial reaches a conclusion. The Imperium Tribunal's psychic verdict is unanimous, the sentence is death. However, Drax is allowed to choose the form of his destruction. He chooses a fight to the death and once again challenges Gladiator, who finally accepts the challenge...


In my review of the last issue, I noted how, despite the fun character moments and dialogue by Bendis, the actual plot of the story-arc had kind of stalled. Well that's no longer a concern here as Bendis picks up the pace in this issue whilst still retaining that same fun stuff, with plenty more violent action to boot. 

The stand-off between Peter and his father was long overdue and the end result is quite satisfying. Despite some unsavoury tactics now and then, J'son has never come across as a truly bad person, and I think that's largely to do with how he was presented in the Point One issue that began Bendis' run. In fact, sometimes Star-Lord has seemed overly harsh on his dad, but J'son's cruel line about his only regret being that the Badoon failed to kill his son proves that Peter was right about him all along. I'll be interested to see what role J'son plays in this series in the future as right now, he's looking very much like a sociopath, which I'd say makes him an effective villain (the Star Wars parallels continue to abound) since most of the baddies of the Marvel U tend to be more overt.. He's referred to as the former emperor of the Spartax Empire in Peter Quill's solo series Legendary Star-Lord, so that certainly gives him motive to seek revenge on Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians, though there is the possibility he could seek redemption and join up with the team, but that's doubtful. I also loved how Peter's speech to his dad unnerved the Supreme Intelligence enough to release Rocket. It really helps to cement the Guardians as a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.

Venom also benefits from this issue, though it's mostly from the hints that are dropped by the Skrulls about the symbiotes origin (setting the stage for Bendis' forthcoming Planet of the Symbiotes arc). I like how Bendis plays with our expectations regarding the Skrull bonding with the symbiote in what I'm sure was a subtle wink to Superior Spider-Man. I was admittedly a bit worried that the Skrulls would succeed in their plan, so having it blow up in their faces was quite satisfying. We also got a surprise appearance from Angela in this issue, which I was particularly pleased about as it looked like she had left the team right before I started reviewing this book. Drax's trial by the Shi'ar continues to provide some comic relief. Drax already knows that these guys are going to hand him the death sentence by the start of the trial and he isn't fazed at all. As well as being pretty badass, that says a lot about his character, and the final panel of Gladiator accepting his challenge of a fight to the death was oddly satisfying. You just know that Drax is going to walk away from this one.

For this issue, Nick Bradshaw is joined by David Marquez (who I've been phrasing for his work on Ultimate Spider-Man) on art duties. As you'd expect, both acquit themselves brilliantly here. This is Bradshaw's best work on the series so far. Much like her "first appearance" in Age of Ultron #10 and Gamora's entrance in Guardians #1, Angela's introduction in this issue sums up her character perfectly as well as being incredibly badass. Bradshaw also does a great job showcasing the characters emotions, from Gamora's weary acceptance of her fate to Peter Quill's comical reaction to his rescue by Captain Marvel. Marquez's art is somewhat lighter than his usual work on USM, but it works here because the transition between his and Bradshaw's respective styles is more seamless. His rendering of Peter's face after his father's venomous remark is brilliant, though the horror-esque portion of the Skrulls and Venom is another artistic highlight. Now we all know what a Skrull bonded with a symbiote looks like, and it was ugly!

Score: 4.5/5.0

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 3 - 4

Posted by bulletproofsponge 12 November 2014

Spider-Man 2099 # 3

This issue begins with Miguel in his usual office, wondering what will become of his position in the company now that Liz knows his secret, or at least half of it.

Just then, Liz comes into the office to establish their working relationship rules. While Miguel at first thinks that Liz has come to blackmail him, she has simply come to establish that Miguel will continue to do what he is told to do, which at this point is accompanying Tiberius to Trans-sabal to sell the Spider Slayers to the dictator there, despite Miguel not wanting to.  She does this in a semi seductive manner as illustrated in the comic, leaving the reader, and I suppose Miguel himself wondering what is up with this woman.

During the plane ride to Trans-sabal, Miguel does not fail to show his dissatisfaction with the deal.

When they land, they are attacked by the rebellion and Miguel is shot in the head. Fortunately, it is just a graze and he is not actually dead. Tiberius is taken hostage, leaving Miguel to save him.

Fortunately, Miguel had Tiberius tagged with a secret tracer long ago in the event of such a situation. Knowing fully well that if anything happens to Tiberius, he would simply cease to exist, Miguel makes it his top priority to find Tiberius and ensure his safety.

Meanwhile at the rebellion camp, Tiberius is awoken by the rebel leader, a woman by the name of Mussaret. Mussaret shares her point of view on the war and urges Tiberius to give them the slayers, thus ending the war in their favour. She tells him that her children have no dreams and are unable to dream of a future due to the oppression against them.            

In the midst of their discussion, Scorpion appears in a new improved suit. He was Tiberius’ hired gun, in case things go wrong. Mussaret tries to shoot Scorpion, but to no avail. Scorpion proceeds to kill his first victim, but is stopped by Spider-Man 2099.

Scorpion does not realize that this is not the same Spider-Man he is familiar with and questions his new costume. Too lazy to explain, Miguel plays along battling it out with the enemy who by now couldn’t care for the answers and can only see a chance for revenge. Outside the building is an army of Spider Slayers waiting for a spider to slay.

Spider-Man 2099 # 4     
This issue begins exactly where Spider-Man 2099 # 3 left off, at a battle against Scorpion. The battle indoors continue until Spidey 2099 is thrown outside to face an army of spider slayers.

All this while, Tiberius has been knocked out due to some rubble falling on his head. As such, and fortunately for Miguel, Tiberius is unaware of Spider-Man’s presence. Outside, Spider-Man is losing the fight badly against the new and improved Scorpion. Though surrounded by Spider Slayers, none of them attack Spidey as ordered to do so by Scorpion.

Scorpion’s new suit allows him to shoot lasers, as do the Spider Slayers, who are preventing Spider-Man from running away from the battle. Desperate for an escape, Spider-Man 2099 somersaults across some Slayers into a back alley and instructs Lyla (his hologram) to change his clothes. In his normal clothes, the Slayers are unable to detect Spider-Man, and neither did Scorpion, who did not see the change in costume.

 Frustrated, Scorpion decides to start grabbing civilians threatening to kill them if Spider-Man does not come out of hiding.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Mussaret tries to get Tiberius up on his feet. Unfortunately for her, she gets caught in some falling rubble and has a nail protruding out from a plank sink into her head. 

Running out of time, Miguel comes up with a plan to get the Spider Slayers on his side. He throws and sticks Lyla on Scorpion’s back and instructs her to holographically  change his appearance to that of the Amazing Spider-Man.

At this, the Spider Slayers turn against Scorpion, sending him on the run. Fortunately for Scorpion, before he is shredded to pieces, Tiberius comes out of the rubble and says the magic words that deactivates his Spider Slayers.

Jalfaha Dahn, the dictator and buyer for the Spider Slayers later comes to pick them Miguel and Tiberius. They enjoy a feast at his palace, just like the one Mussaret described to Tiberius while he was in captivity.

After the meal, Tiberius decides not to sell the Slayers, especially after witnessing life on the other side. He leaves with Miguel and threatens Jalfaha to leave the place. Failure to do so will result in his Spider Slayers becoming active and hunting him down.

Epilogue: Back in the limo heading to the airport, Mac Gargan, terribly beat up from the Spider Slayers looks to Miguel and questions if they have met before.

This would be Spider-Man 2099’s second encounter with the Spider Slayers in this short time frame that he has been in the year 2014.

This story about the Spider Slayers being sold to a dictator has been building up since the first issue. Though not the greatest story ever, the change in Tiberius’ attitude was something of note for this series. Though still a money minded selfish character, the events of this issue and the last have slightly changed him.

The fight scenes between Spider-Man 2099 and Scorpion were enjoyable. No doubt Scorpion has upgraded his suit multiple times now, this would finally appear to be a suit spider-worthy. Spider-Man 2099’s move with the hologram was quite brilliant, although now that he has used this trick once, I should hope he would be smart enough to use a similar trick again if under future similar circumstances.

As for Liz Allan knowing Miguel's secret, or at least half of it,  Miguel is doomed for blackmail sooner or later, especially if Liz eventually finds out that he is a Spider-Man. From the last time we saw Liz Allan, she was suspected to be a crook, working with Norman Osborn, the grandfather of her son, who by the way is also very peculiar. 

Liz seems a little bipolar at times, possible effects of a goblin serum she may have, or the standard behavior of women. 

Overall however, these last two issues were just fillers for the aftermath of the spider slayers that was not a necessary read.


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