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Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 10

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 April 2015

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 10 review
Misery at the Hands of Maestro

The Story
This all begins with Maestro walking through his palace when he is approached by the minister of the place. The minister respectfully questions allowing Spider-Man to be in a room with the Sorceress Supreme. It is implied that Maestro realizes what he had done and intended for it to be that way.

Over at the prison cell, Spider-Man 2099 is dying after having been
beaten nearly to death by Maestro as see in Spider-Man 2099 #9. Strange however manages to heal him after she instructs him to fire a web line at her so she could pass some healing magic to him. In case you were wondering, Strange is bound in mystical chains that prevent her from moving.

The two soon escape and head to Maestro's trophy room, where a broken time travelling machine is supposed to be. As we later find out, Maestro, despite being Bruce Banner, has lost touch with his human side so much so that he is unable, or unwilling, to try to fix the time machine on his own.

Inside the trophy room we see some souvenirs from heroes and villains that Maestro had killed over the years, among them is Dr Doom's time travelling machine. With the help of some Iron Man equipment lying around in the room, Spider-Man is able to fix the machine.

His joy is soon brought to an end however when Maestro comes out of an invisible cloak and kills Strange with a soul dagger. Thinking quickly, Spidey swings across the room and fires at Maestro with one of Iron Man's blasters before going through the time machine, seemingly killing the brute.

Spidey 2099 is then seen back in time, but without the remote for the machine. He then swings off hoping that Maestro died from the blast. Back in 2099 however, we find out that Maestro is still alive, and so is the Sorceress Supreme, who is actually someone else who has Strange trapped in her body!

In the final page, Maestro is seen having traveled back in time on Christmas day, ready to conquer the world again!


From the start of the issue we all knew that Maestro had been planning for Spidey and Strange to escape. As the minister pointed out, it was quite a silly move, unless it was all planned.

While it was intended for the reader to suspect that Spider-Man was falling into a trap, I'm sure I speak for everyone else as well, that nobody could have possibly foreseen that the Sorceress Supreme was not actually who we thought she was. I wish I'd read more 2099 books to know who exactly this impostor/ Strange Captor is.

Essentially, this story carried a brilliant twist that just earned Maestro some new respect as a bad guy. Great writing thus far. With even more time travel and universe jumping, we are bound to see the universe collapse as we know it in no time, as has been hinted for months now in other marvel comics as well.

Will Spider-Man 2099's story have a link to Secret Wars?

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 17

Posted by bulletproofsponge 09 April 2015

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 17

The Graveyard Shift: Part two

Needless the say, this is part two of the Graveyard Shift, which started in Amazing Spider-Man # 16. It starts with Peter and Ana Maria having dinner at Aunty May's place. During dinner, Aunt May makes a comment about Ana and Peter getting married. Ana Maria saves Peter's ass by explaining very quickly with a valid reason why they broke up.

During dinner, we also see a centrepiece which Jay and Aunt May won at the auction they were at in the last issue. Peter finds it familiar but can't seem to remember where he's seen it before. As readers however, we all know that it used to belong to the Black Cat.

Peter and Ana then swing over to Parker Industries and enter though a secret entrance as they are already late for the testing of the new prison for super villains. Over at the lab, Sajani, is as usual, complaining about Peter and how his idea to catch and reform the bad guys the lame. Clayton, being a former villain himself tries to explain to her why it is such a good idea.

Everyone is soon present and the testing begins. Unfortunately, it is sabotaged by the Ghost, whom we saw was hired by Tiberius Stone is the last issue to sabotage and destroy Parker industries.

Things get hectic and soon the Parker Industries staff are scattered and getting themselves in harms way. Peter is forced to use his powers to help get the others to safety. Ana Maria covers for him again  with spectacular excuses as she had already done several times up to this point in the issue.

Ock's robot helper, now called the Living Brain, is tasked with the responsibility to get everyone to

safety and out through Spidey's secret entrance. Again, Ana Maria gives a brilliant excuse for why Spider-Man's gear would be in Parker's secret lab. However, the Living Brain soon begins to take some damage, and Sajani grows anxious since all her work which she and Ana had been doing on the side is stored in the robot.

Sajani soon disappears and finds the Ghost. She explains how she found which room he was operating from and offers to help destroy the lab in exchange for the safety of the people. ( By this point she is tired of Peter and his whole company and is willing to help sabotage it.) Ghost is intrigued by her offer but explains how his purpose is to kill everyone.

In the final scene, we see Spider-Man, finally changed into his costume entering the room just as Sajani is being killed by the Ghost.

Story 2: 
Repossession: Part 2
No take backsies

Just like in the last issue, this issue too has a second part to the second story revolving around the Black Cat. While the title of this story doesn't quite make sense to me ( what's a backsy?), the story is pretty decent for a secondary story.

To summarize it quickly, Black Cat re-steals all antiques, paintings and other such items from a rich blonde named Regina, who bought all the Black Cat's items at the auction in the last issue.

While in the last issue I made the assumption that the blonde was just Felicia in a blonde wig due, it turns out that she is actually a completely different person. Anyway, Felicia robs, drugs and keeps Regina hostage by tying her up and explaining how she likes to play with her prey. When going through her treasures, Felicia realizes that there is still one piece missing. We then see the Black Cat peeping though the window to Aunt May and Jay's home where the last piece of her treasure is.

This whole story is really slow, yet enjoyable. With Aunt May getting caught up in the mix, things will soon get really personal for Spider-Man, resulting in a long awaited rematch between the ever growing lucky Black Cat and Spider-Man.


Starting up top with the first story, I'm actually a little glad that Parker Industries is being destroyed. I never was a fan of Peter owning a whole company. Though great for his financial situation, Peter running a company is just not in his character.

Sajani, being a little b*tch got her self in trouble, and will most likely never live to regret her actions.

The main focus of the first story however is not so much about what is taking place, but more to make a point about how great Ana Maria is at covering for Peter's disappearances. Though they may no longer be together as a couple, Ana Maria still proves to be a valuable friend whom Peter would be foolish to remove from his life.

The end of Parker Industries would also probably mean a huge loss of investment on Aunt May and Jay's end. However, their soon-to-be encounter with the Black Cat will probably put some things into perspective and make them forget about their petty investment and treasure their lives more.

It would also probably be the last time they decide to buy auctioned goods from a super criminal! Also, as mentioned earlier, I am looking forward to the second battle between the Black Cat, who now has a major upgrade on her good luck powers, and plain ole normal Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Finally, I also kinda liked that we got a glimpse of what Mary Jane has been up to in her giant billboard advertisement for her own brand of perfume.

Amazing Spider-Man v3 #16.1

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Amazing Spider-Man v3 #16.1 review
The Spiral: Part 1

This issue begins with Spider-Man swinging around the city one night, looking for some crime to stop. He comes across Capt Watanabe with her team, trying to prevent a gang war. She tries to play things by the book, not using her alter ego as the Wraith to interfere. A source claims that Tombstone, leader of the gang is gearing up at the site.

Though the cops aren't certain for sure if their source is reliable, it is soon clear that they are indeed at the right site as one of Tombstones men accidentally open fire. The site soon becomes a shooting range and one of Captain Watanabe's men are shot. Spider-Man swings into the building where the enemy is camping and manhandles the bad guys. Tombstone is soon caught and has his trial eight days later.

At the trial, Tombstone is set free on grounds that the original search warrant was defective. Captain Watanabe is then seen at the hospital where her fellow officer is being cared for. Peter visits her and the two talk about crossing the line between right and wrong for the greater good. While at the hospital, the shot officer goes into emergency.

We later see Captain Watanabe at a graveyard, signifying that the cop died. At the grave site, she is visited by Mr Negative, who claimed to be the "Source" for Tombstone's base camp. He tries to gain her favor, telling him that he has no foul intentions as they share a common enemy. He then passes her evidence that the Judge was corrupt.

With the new evidence, Captain Watanabe approaches her superior, who unfortunately claims that more proof is required. Seeing no other choice, she takes matters into her own hands with the help of Spidey to find Tombstone.

They successfully find his hiding place and Spidey and Wraith are separated for a while during the
fight. When Spidey comes back, he finds that Wraith caught Tombstone at a high risk of hurting others. The issue ends with Wraith leaving, and Spidey left wondering where Wraith may be heading as far as her ethical code of conduct is concerned.


This was a really simple story in which Spider-Man is more of a featured guest rather than the main character. The main character in the issue is Captain Watanabe, who is struggling to be a good cop, but realizes by the end of the issue that nothing and really be done if she sticks to protocol. Contrary to what TV shows like CSI, Law and Order, NCIS and all those other cop shows imply, sticking to the law doesn't quite get you very far when placed in a world filled with Vigilante's and super villains.

Overall a fun issue advertising Wraith more than anything else in hope that she will gain some popularity and possibly some day sell a title of her own. In the meantime, Wraith rides on Spider-Man's fame and popularity, hijacking a whole Amazing Spider-Man issue.

Though we haven't seen her since Superior Spider-Man, somehow Wraith didn't seem to be missed very much, especially with the whole Spider-Verse event taking place.

This is a must buy for Wraith fans, if there are any. If you're not too interested in this story however, I don't think it will be necessary to buy the rest of the issues related.

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 16

Posted by bulletproofsponge 15 March 2015

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 16 review
The Graveyard Shift
Part One: The Late, late Mr. Parker

This is the first issue after a really long time where only there is only one Spider-Man and one Peter Parker. Strangely though, we have a new bad guy involved who think he is the Lizard. He calls himself the Iguana and has the same ideology as the Lizard.

Anyhow, Spider-Man is back to his usual business of fighting bad guys and forgetting about his job at Parker Industries. As the title suggests, Peter Parker is very late for his project presentation at Parker Industries because he his busy fighting the Iguana at the zoo.

The Iguana, being a B-class villain however, is no match for Spider-Man, and despite having his life force partially sucked out is Amazing Spider-Man # 15, Spider-Man is able to fight him off while talking on the phone for about nine pages of the issue.

His phone calls are from Aunt May, who is with Jay, bidding for some antiques, to check up on him
and Ana Maria. ( Aunt May still thinks they are dating). Aunt May eventually lets her nephew go as she is reminded by Jay about how busy Peter must be preparing for his presentation. Little does she know however, that that is not at all what he is doing.

Spider-Man next gets a call from Ana Maria who scolds him for neglecting his responsibilities. The phone is then snatched by Sajani who further scolds him even more. Spidey however can only concentrate on fighting the Iguana until Sajani mentions Alchemax possibly getting the project if he does not show up. At the mention of Alchemax, Spider-Man wraps up the show with the Iguana and gets to Parker Industries as soon as possible.

Over at the Department of Corrections meeting, Alchemax is giving their speech led by Tiberius Stone, greatly impressing the audience. Among Parker Industries competitors are Alchemax, Roxxon Industries and Empire Limited.

Peter arrives just in time, and though Liz Allan, director of Alchemax and his former classmate pretends to put him down, she secretly acknowledges that Peter has always managed to "..snatch victory from the jaws of defeat." She then makes a passing statement about throwing a monkey wrench into his plans.

Upon hearing this, Tiberius and Mark Raxton, current head of security and reformed Molten Man thanks to Alchemax's cutting edge technological cure, take it upon themselves to "remove" Peter from the competition.

We then see them approaching the bad guys hideout, where the Black Cat is currently running the show. In the building they somehow bypass the Black Cat and approach Ghost directly, who agrees to eliminate Peter Parker.

Black Cat in "Repossession" 
Part One: Stolen Memories

As the title suggests, this second story is about the Black Cat rather than Spider-Man. It builds the background for Felicia's second attack on Spider-Man, but also possibly her redemption from this evil phase she is going through.

In the issue, we see the Ringer, beaten badly and brought before the Black Cat for shortchanging her weekly. The Ringer gives several legitimate reasons for why he needed the money. He begs for Felicia's forgiveness, reminding her that they used to work together on separate occasions. He also appeals to her softer side, reminding her of how she used to have a heart. She stalls for a moment, actually considering his request but immediately changes her mind when the Ringer uses the opportunity to try to break free and escape. His attempt is almost successful, even cutting the Black Cat on her arm!

The Ringer is caught and made an example of for everyone to see. Worried that she has run out of luck, she has a go at a Jackpot slot machine. Having hit the Jackpot, she then realizes that she was indeed lucky to have only gotten a cut on her arm. She also notices that with her new attitude of not allowing anyone to put her down, her luck powers are immensely more powerful.

Felicia reflects on how she has stolen a lifetime of possessions but can still not steal what was stolen from her, namely her life and name before the Superior Spider-Man screwed her over.

We finally see her in civilian clothes at the same auction that Aunt May and Jay are at, outbidding everyone in the room for the goods that were once stolen by the Black Cat. She then vows to steal every last bit of her previous life back.


The first story involving the Iguana, but more importantly, the presentation of the super villain prison was extremely lengthy considering how little took place. For the first half of the issue, Spider-Man is fighting the Iguana. The Iguana, much like the Lizard, wants their reptilian kind to reclaim the earth.

The story was without a doubt a refreshing classic tale of Spider-Man juggling work, spider-work, and family. However, in my opinion it lacked a little depth. Considering the last several deep issues, and potentially more of those just around the corner with Secret Wars, this story serves more as a breather rather than anything else.

The second story brings us up to speed with the Black Cat, who, before Spider-Verse, was the leading story since Peter's return to his own body.

Black Cat seems to be running things perfectly fine as a crime lord, with her her lucky powers getting stronger the more badass she becomes. As pointed out in this story however, we see that the Black Cat may not quite be as lost as she portrays herself to be.

At the end of the story we see that she is dead set of stealing back every part of her old life again. It'll be quite interesting to see how that turns out.

As a final passing thought, how is it that no one can recognize Felicia in the auction room, bidding for items that the Black Cat stole, especially since everyone already knows Felicia is the Black Cat and should know what she looks like. Sure she has blonde hair in her civilian costume, but didn't she use to do that before sometimes as well?

Spider-Man 2099 # 9

Posted by bulletproofsponge 11 March 2015

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 9 review

This issue follow Spider-Man 2099, after the events of Spider-Verse, where he, like all the other versions of Spider-Man, return back to their respective homeworlds. Unfortunately, Spider-Man 2099 returns to a home he can not recognize as everything has been destroyed!

He comes across two "Scanners" who try to kill him. Spider-Man 2099 easily ties them up and begins asking questions about what has happened. Neither one of the two seemingly only people on the planet recognize him.

Spidey learns that  the scanners have their home base set up just on the outskirts of Dystopia, a place that sounds familiar to him. Spidey gets the two to lead him back to their base. When they arrive however, the camp is empty. Before long, the two are captured by an army of soldiers armed with nuclear weaponry, something countries had stopped using for years now. Spider-Man 2099 is left to fight off the bad guys, all of whom do not recognize him. He manages to escape the soldiers successfully for a while but is soon blown away by a some kind of sonic wave.

We later find out that Spider-Man was knocked out by Maestro, a future incarnation of the Hulk, and leader of the army.  Spidey 2099 recognizes Maestro from a previous encounter with Captain Marvel and Rick Jones in one of his old alternate reality trips.

Maestro, though he thinks he recognizes Spider-Man actually thinks that he is the original Spider-Man in a new costume. This leads Spidey to conclude that this Maestro is either from before their previous encounter, or is a totally different alternate version of Maestro altogether.

Spider-Man fails in trying to convince Maestro that he would bring them both to the past via a time travelling device. Enraged that Spider-Man would think him a fool, Maestro proceeds to beat Spider-Man severely. Still curious as to how Spider-Man arrived at to this world, Maestro agrees to answer some questions in exchange for answers to his questions about how he arrived to this place.

Naturally, Spidey's first question is to find out why all of this happened, to which Maestro explains that the end of the world was a result of a company called Alchemax. Upon the arrival of Maestro's castle, the two captured scanners ask what had become of their people. Maestro shows the bodies of the their people all tied to a "hollywood" sign that spells MAESTRO, and adds them to the collection.

Maestro then throws Spider-Man in a dungeon where his other captive whom he has been hoping will help him with time and dimension travel is also held. Spider-Man looks up to see that it is Strange (Dr Strange of his world)


After a whole series about alternate worlds and dimensions, I was hoping that things might get back to normal for a while before Secret Wars begins and the dimensions are revisited. Unfortunately, that is not at all what we get in this issue.

We revisit old friends ( or mostly enemies) of Spider-Man 2099, creating a little tease to maintain interest for old fans of 2099.

What is good about this issue that leaves the reader wanting to read the next issue is that throughout the issue we are left wondering where in time, or in which reality did Spider-Man end up on.

The answers are not spelled out specifically, but what we do know is that Alchemax, caused the end of the world, meaning that it is quite likely that this is Spider-Man 2099's world, but probably no longer in the year 2099.

I would not exactly call this a good old classic tale, but considering the lack of 2099 elements in the last few Spider-Man 2099 issues, this was definitely the closest it has come to classic.


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