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Superior Spider-Man # 33

Posted by bulletproofsponge 22 October 2014

Superior Spider-Man # 33 Review

Edge of Spider-Verse: Tie In

That's right! Superior Spider-Man is back again for a thirty-third issue, and I am late again for this review.

In the last few issues, prelude to edge of spider-verse and the Edge of Spider-Verse issues that are out, we know that Spider-Ock has been gathering spider guys from different dimensions.

This issue starts with the spider hunter chasing down a Spider-Man that looks and even jokes much like our Spider-Man. Spidey is pierced right through the chest, but is later revealed to be a cyborg Spider-Man with a Sonic Cannon in his back. The spider hunter is blasted away and is soon attacked by an army of spider-men, lead by the Superior Spider-Man. 

Once captured, the spiders decide what to do with him. Spider-Girl from earth 807128 aka Ashley Barton, and The Assasin Spider-Man ( featured in Superior Spider-Man # 32) want to kill him, while the other Spider-Men disagree.

Ock however has the final say and has decided to interrogate the hostage before killing him. He questions the hunter's motives and if there are others like him. Ock learns that there are more out there, a whole family of spider hunters. The Hunter then overloads Ock's weapon and attacks him. All the spiders rush to attack their predator, who insists that he cannot be stopped as his kind is born to kill them.

Things go downhill and a few Spider-Men are injured. The Spider-Men find only a short moment to escape when their hunter is visited by his siblings / competitors, who also want to kill the spiders.

They are all transported to 2099, where Ock instructs everyone to remain, until he thinks of a new plan. The cyborg spidey is given a new arm, after his was torn off in the fight earlier. He is ordered to check through this era's ( 2099's) database for any mention of "Karn, "Brix" or "Bora" ( the known names of their hunters ) Spider-Monkey and the Six armed Spidey are also asked to do the same via the timestream.

Spider-Girl and the Assasin Spider-Man are called aside, where Ock tells them that they may be required to take out their fellow brethren if they attempt to stand in their way of killing their killers.

Story 2:

This story follows Karn - the spider hunter. We learn in this issue that Karn and his family are inheritors. In the Earth 1771, Karn faces  Ai Apaec, instead of a Spider-Man. ( The Ai-Apaec of earth 616 was already killed a while back I believe)

Ai-Apaec taunts Karn that he cannot be killed. Karn thinks back when his family had once faced a similar being- the Master Weaver. In the battle, the Weaver prevented all from approaching him but Karn. The Weaver sensed that Karn was unwilling to kill and preferred to build instead.  Karn's failure to kill the creature during the hunt at the appointed time led to the death of his dear mother.

As the story goes, the Master Weaver was eventually subdued and his power harnessed by the family to travel the web of life and hunt other spiders. Karn was banished from the family and had his face hidden by a helmet. The symbol of the helmet was linked to the Weaver's Web, condemning him to continuously travel dimensions and kill spiders, in hope to regain a place among his family.

Coming back to real time, Karn, kills the Ai Apaec of that earth easily and tells his prey that he should count it a blessing to have his suffering ended, for his own suffering continues.


In this issue, we find out a little more information about the spider hunters, aka the inheritors. While we initially thought it was Morlun that Spider-Man had to be afraid of, we now know that it is in fact his whole family that is the threat.

While the Superior Spider-Man's extreme intellect was almost able to take down Karn, he misjudged and made a mistake almost costing his team member's lives. This was a huge blow to Ock's ego obviously, leaving him quite lost for a solution, now realizing that there's a whole family of hunters.

Honestly however, I wonder if Ock is actually even going to be a real target for these inheritors, especially since he is not really the spider totem of earth 616.

The introduction of the inheritors and the back story of Karn and why he wears his mask is quite interesting. The Master Weaver, did not attack Karn for a reason, knowing that he was actually a builder rather than a destroyer. I think that Karn may actually end up to be the weapon/ ally the spiders need when it boils down to it. As the Weaver mentioned, Karn was different from the others, and though he has now devoted his life to killing spiders in hope of being accepted back into his family, he cannot truly change who he is.

This is all just wild speculation though of course. The sibling rivalry will probably result in Karn realizing that nothing he ever does will get him the acknowledgement he desires from his family.

All-New X-Men #32

Posted by Donovan McComish 19 October 2014

Hello everybody and welcome to my review of All-New X-Men #32. Last time we were here, the already time-displaced original X-Men had been transported into the Ultimate Universe by a newly revealed mutant.Where have each of them ended up, what will they find there and what will Jean make of this universe's Spider-Man, Miles Morales? Let's take a look and find out.


Transported to the Ultimate Universe, Angel finds himself in a strange jungle filled with dinosaurs. Wondering aloud where he is, Angel finds his question answered by a young man resembling Wolverine (his son in this universe, James "Jimmy" Hudson Jr.) who tells him he is in the Savage Land, but the real question is "who the hell are you supposed to be. Angel responds with a couple of jokes about the insanity of the situation while Jimmy asks his name. When he angrily repeats the question, Warren decides to literally take off, but by then Jimmy has already deduced who he is talking to and that this is not the same Angel who worked with his dad. Having Warren's scent, he takes off after him.

Elsewhere, Hank McCoy materialises underwater, frantically heading to the surface whilst being pursued by a pair of sharks. On the surface, a young couple have their romantic interlude cut short when Beast emerges from the water, asking if they could tell him where he is. The couple however are foreign and do not understand him, though their dialect leads Hank to assume that he's been transported to Turkey.

X-23 meanwhile appears during an American football game right in front of the charging players! On instinct, she throws one to the ground, apologising whilst the other players yell at her to get off the field. Another one grabs her on the shoulder, again causing Laura to react by instinct, unsheathing her claws, which causes the men to recoil in horror and flee, along with everyone else in the stadium while X-23 stands perplexed.

Underground, Iceman tries to explain what just happened to him to the Mole Man and his army of Moloids (who are distinctively uglier than their mainstream counterparts), as well as asking if he is even on Earth. The Mole Man informs Iceman that he inside the Earth and instructs his minions to grab the young mutant, who tries to hold them off with his powers, but is quickly overwhelmed.

Back in New York, having come face to face with the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales, Jean Grey is naturally confused. She wonders aloud for a moment if she has unlocked another secret part of her powers (as she did in the recent crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy when she was kidnapped by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard). Miles and Jean attempt to introduce themselves to one another, but they both become confused as each mistakes the other as their universe's version of that person (this isn't weird to type about at all). Jean eventually decides to read Miles mind (with his permission) so she can get her bearings and witnesses his history as Spider-Man so far. This of course causes Jean to realise that she's on the wrong Earth, much to her despair. Miles realises that this Jean Grey is from the same universe where Peter Parker is still alive, which he makes the mistake of mentioning out loud, leading Jean to ask who Peter Parker is (is it possible that she's going to figure out Spider-Man's secret identity?) at which point Miles just sweeps the comment under the rug. Jean realises that the young mutant the X-Men attempted to recruit is the one who transported them all here, noting that she's now in the wrong time and space. She then remembers from reading Miles' mind that he's been to her Earth. Miles says he knows how to get her back there and offers to show her where that lovely little escape ticket is.

We then briefly cut back to X-23, who is being pursued by the local authorities on a motorcycle down a motorway. After noticing in her right wing mirror that one of the police officers is about to fire, she forces the bike to the right of the bridge and leaps off, noting that "this is going to hurt". "This " turns out to be the roof of a passing school bus, which Laura bounces off before landing and embedding her claws in a truck trailer in the opposite lane. She climbs onto the roof of the trailer.

In "Turkey", Beast is trying to find someone who speaks English in a nearby town. The locals aren't much help though, merely taking pictures and noting that he is both an American and a super hero. One of the locals gets Beast's attention though when he says that super hero's "don't come here" as they die. Before Beast has a chance to fully understand what the man is saying, he notices a robot approaching him that's modelled after a certain facially-scarred, megalomaniac doctor. More and more of them arrive, which leads Beast to realise that he's not in Turkey, but in Latveria.

As they head towards the whereabouts of the portal, Miles warns Jean that the S.H.I.E.L.D scientists there are probably going to "nerd out over you", though she assures him that she has a way to calm that down. They find the warehouse deserted however and the  portal gone. Amadeus Cho enters the building, informing them that the tear closed and the government pulled the plug on the project as a result, leaving all of his work incomplete. Miles tells Cho that Jean needs to get home, adding that she's from another dimension. Cho requests some blood and urine from Jean, but adds that, unless she knows of another rip in space that leads to her specific dimension, she'll have to get used to the fact that she's stuck here as it would take years, maybe decades before they can figure out how to get her back home...


For the second part of our little multi-dimensional crossover, Bendis takes a similar approach to what he did with Guardians of the Galaxy #15, spending most of the issue showing us where the X-Men have ended up in the Ultimate Universe. What makes it work slightly better here is that the Ultimate Universe is new territory for these X-Men and through their interactions with it's various inhabitants, the plot is able to progress forward rather than slightly stalling as it did with the Guardians issue.

Jean Grey's interaction with Miles Morales was probably the highlight of the issue. It was funny to watch them getting their wires crossed over recent events before Jean decided to read Miles' mind, which was also a really good moment as it showed just how much Miles has been through since he first became Spider-Man. I mentioned before that it's possible this storyline could end with Miles travelling to Earth-616 with the All-New X-Men as part of the set-up to Spider-Verse. Elaborating on that, having this arc end like this would be beneficial to the crossover, as with Ultimate Spider-Man, Silk, Scarlet Spider, Spider Woman and Spider-Man 2099 all in the same dimension as him. the Amazing Spider-Man would have his own team of spiders to meet up with the time-displaced Superior Spider-Man and his group, not to mention the newly introduced Spider-UK (British Spider-Man = AWESOME!) and the web-heads he's recruiting. Let's face it, that would be a pretty awesome splash page, especially since Olivier Coipel is the artist working on Amazing Spider-Man for the crossover. Perhaps the Ultimate versions of Jessica Drew and Peter Parker will also follow Miles into 616, though we've yet to see if the latter will be "sticking" around.

As for the rest of the X-Men, Bendis has made a smart move in scattering them across the planet, meaning our protagonists will get to experience a lot more of this world than Peter Parker did in Spider-Men. Angel meeting up with Jimmy Hudson also means we'll be getting somewhat of a meeting between the mainstream and Ultimate X-Men. It'll be interesting to see what the former will make of the fact that in this universe, mutants were created artificially, not to mention that they were nearly hunted to extinction by the human race. I was rather pleased that Beast wound up in Latveria as this will no doubt lead to a confrontation with Ultimate Doom, who may or may not have goat legs (I'm not really familiar with Ultimate FF), and X-23 provides some entertaining action sequences. Iceman's segment is the weakest as it could have been inserted into the previous issue, though I could wind up taking that back after the next couple of issues.

Mahmud Asrar's artwork is a definite improvement over the previous issue. For starters I like the cover's homage to Uncanny X-Men #139. Asrar packs a lot more detail into the characters and the action and layouts look dynamic. The aforementioned scene where we see Miles' history as Spider-Man works as well as it does thanks to Asrar. There are still parts that lack some polish, but they're few and farbetween. Overall, this is another solid chapter in this unusual team-up...

Score: 4.0/5.0

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 7

Posted by bulletproofsponge 14 October 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v.3 # 7

There are two stories in this issue, only one that we actually want to read about ( the second). The first story pretty much has Peter and Cindy, unable to keep off one another once again, having to be stopped by Ana Maria. Ana Maria decides that if the two spider people are going to be acting like dogs in heat, then she will treat them as such, splashing water on both Peter and Cindy whenever they start getting frisky.

Cindy eventually decides that it is for the best that she leave Peter’s apartment and find a life on her own. Ana Maria then has a little talk with Peter about how he should handle crime a little more like how Otto did – leaving the petty crimes to the cops and local authorities.

She tries to bring him to realize that he has a responsibility to run his company now, a responsibility where people’s jobs are at risk if he does not do his job right. Peter realizes that she is partly correct, but quickly swings out the window when he hears that there is a costumed villain on the loose.
Over at the crime scene, a blue villain dressed in the original Ms Marvel’s original costume is running lose assisting in a crime. Some Ms Marvel fan bystanders snap photos to go viral, informing the public that its not really Ms Marvel, but a crook dressed as her.

Meanwhile elsewhere, we see the new Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) at school. She is having problems juggling real life and superhero life as most costumes do. She gets the viral message about this fake Ms Marvel flying around and decides she has to fix it.

Kamala appears at the crime scene and stomps on the fake. ( Literally with her big feet) She then peeks into the van with the “stolen goods” and finds an inhuman cocoon, much like the one she came out from. Protecting the cocoon are two thugs dressed in some version of a Hazmat costume.

As Kamala is processing it all, the fake Ms Marvel, actually Dr Minerva ( enemy of the original Captain Marvel) comes and knocks Kamala away. Fortunately, this is where Spider-Man comes in and catches Kamala. Kamala is overwhelmed to be in a Spider Team Up with Spider-Man.  She goes all fan girl on him as even asks him about his date with Carol Danvers ( Ms Marvel 47

In another scene, one of the Hazmat guys sees Spider-Man and makes a comment about how he has some history with Spidey.

Dr Minerva  tells them to leave Spider-Man to her, and instructs them to meet at the rendezvous point. She then confronts Spider-Man and Ms Marvel ( Kamala) and trasnforms into a giant ugly alien thing.

Story 2

Edge of Spider-Verse: Web Of Fear

This story here takes place before Edge of Spider-Verse # 2, which our newest reviewer Mike (NDwebhead) will be reviewing. 

This second story focuses on Spider-UK, who is another version of Spider-Man from earth -833. This Spider-Man is part of the Captain Britain Corps and has access to some interdimentional omniversal hub ( a place to observe other worlds).

His Spider sense told him something was off, so he took the effort to look into it. He observes different worlds being visited by Morlun and his kin.

Among the worlds to have their "spider totems" destroyed are Spider-Man and His Amazing friends aka the old Spider-Man Cartoon, Spider-Cat (?), and Spider-Man Unlimited ( recognized only by his web cape)

Morlun's family seems to have some discord and competition among themselves. In this issue, one brother - Daemon, is going against what he was told is and devouring all the animal totems in that world instead of just the spider. One of them is also able to sense that they are being watched by a Spider. 

Our Captain Britain version of Spider-Man, Spider-UK, reports to the Majestrix what he has found out. Unfortunately she is too busy dealing with whole universes being crumbled and cannot find time to deal with "insect men dying" as she describes it. 

Spider-UK is ordered to leave the premise, but not before Lady Roma, who was at the side of the Majestrix gives him a device to travel through dimensions to get the aid he requires to solve his problem. 


To start right at the top, Silk's leaving Peter's apartment, though prolonged had to happen sooner or later. With the news of Silk going to have her own series, this issue slowly builds some background for her, and her search for her parents. 

Ana Maria is just being herself in this issue. She is thinking of both the company and of Peter's issues with responsibility. As she obviously loved and agreed with Ock's method of doing things, she tries to convince the real Peter of doing the same. 

All that aside, Dr Minerva, Ms Marvel and whoever the guy in the hazmat suit was who claims to have some history with Spider-Man is probably the more interesting part of the story. In Mcnulty's review on crawlspace, he suspects that the henchmen in the suit is probably Clayton Cole whom we have been reading about for a while in Amazing Spider-Man : Learning to Crawl. 

Dr Minerva is obviously planning something big that could be connected to another story from another book involving the inhumans and Kree, that I am currently not reading and therefore am quite clueless about. 

This is also good publicity for the new Ms Marvel to get some exposure from comic fans who couldn't really care about the new Ms Marvel - much like myself.  ( Honestly, I liked Carol Danvers and Ms Marvel and don't really fancy her being Captain Marvel either. )

The fangirl moment between Kamala and Spider-Man was pretty good though and was exactly what Spider-Man needed to boost his ego and come up with some silly classic Spidey lines.

In the second story, we are introduced to Billy Braddock, aka Spider-UK. He will obviously be playing an important role in the Edge of Spider-Verse building an alternate team besides the Spider-Ock's, to take care of Morlun and his family. While Ock's team, unknown to the team members, is actually led by bad guys willing to even sacrifice their members, Spider-UK will be the one to lead a real team of good guys against the enemy ( Superior Spider-Man 33)

The killing of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends would be pretty sad for fans who grew up in the 80's. Morlun's passing comment about how that world was so innocent, and how Spider-Man could not even find the words to describe his actions was quite disheartening. The poor "good" good guy never stood a chance. ( And such is the world...)

While I never watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I did watch Spider-Man Unlimited ( a little). I was more of a fan of Fox's The Amazing Spider-Man from the 90's though.  I suppose this was one way to include other known Spider-Men into the series. Connecting them to this story was quite a good move in my opinion, making the story a lot more relevant than it previously was. 

Yet, in all of this it seems that the only oblivious Spider-Man is our Spider-Man... (quite lame.)

Edge of Spider-Verse # 1

Posted by NDwebhead 03 October 2014

Something is about to snap the web of the spider-verse! In the build-up to Spider-Verse comes Edge of Spider-Verse, a ten series run that will introduce us to the Spideys from throughout the multiverse.

Issue #1 brings us Spider-Man Noir, based on the alternate universe series from a few years back. If you’re familiar with that series – great. If not, no big deal. The creative team do a good job of explaining without bogging down the flow of the issue. Basically it’s the main Spider-Man characters run through a “noir” filter.

We begin in 1939, a few years after the end of the Spider-Man Noir series. With big-time Prohibition gangsters like the Goblin and Crime Master dead or behind bars, does the world still need the Spider-Man? If the world at large doesn’t need him, he is at least needed by the delusional magician in the snazzy green suit – The Magnificent Mysterio! After watching newsreel coverage of Spider-Man breaking up a robbery, Mysterio is convinced that within Spider-Man flows the blood of the spider-god Anansi. Seeking the strength, agility, and power that comes with said blood, ol’ Quentin Beck sets about a scheme to get his hands on Spidey’s plasma.

Meanwhile, at the World’s Fair, Peter, Mary Jane, and Aunt May decide to take in a show. But what to see? Hmm…How about some magic! After a breathtaking, death-defying performance by the Magnicificent Mysterio, MJ asks Peter how it was possible to escape drowning after being locked under water. In his analysis, Peter realizes that after the trick Beck wasn’t even wet. And the dry ice used for the smoke effect didn’t smell like dry ice at all - our first clues that perhaps this magician isn’t so magical after all.

As the scene shifts backstage we find Mysterio and his partner removing gas masks. It seems Mysterio Noir has the same penchant for hallucinogenic gas as our old beloved Fishbowlhead from Marvel’s main continuity. We also realize that Mysterio is in cahoots with Wilson Fisk. They’re in league together to figure out how Spider-Man got his powers…which of course involves a lot of busting heads til someone talks. We get a brief synopsis of how Spider-Man Noir got his powers via a shipment of South American museum artifacts that were being hijacked by the Goblin’s crew. During the raid thousands of crazy spiders emerged from one of the artifacts, killing at least one goon, and causing Peter to black out. Word from the crooks who were on the scene was that the next day is when “The Spider-Man” began his crime-stomping career. This further confirms Mysterio’s suspicions. Now to draw Spider-Man out…but how?

Their informants/victims lead them to Felicia Hardy, Spider-Man’s lover. Fisk and Beck storm into her apartment, blast a hole in her bodyguard and demand she tell them everything about Spider-Man. Unfortunately for this devilish duo, Ms. Hardy has no answers…but perhaps she can still be of use – as a hostage!

The Magnificent Mysterio issues a public challenge to the Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle – he must appear at Mysterio’s next performance and offer a blood sacrifice or the damsel in distress will be sacrificed instead. Under the ruse of it all being a big show, the audience turns out in droves to see what will happen. Of course, Spidey turns up to save the day, but things go south quickly when he gets doused with Mysterio’s gas and locked in a water chamber. Fear not, though, as ol’ webhead webs over his mouth and nose prior to being submerged, thus allowing him enough oxygen to shake off the effects of the gas and flex his spider muscles to break free from the chains. He breaks loose, punches out magic man and frees Felicia. End of story, right? Nope. That pounding of his spider-sense he has been feeling for days suddenly intensifies – after Mysterio is neutralized. But why??!

Enter Nineteenth Century Deep Sea Diver Man! Yes, Karn, the scary dude who is chasing and killing Spider-Men across the multiverse arrives on the scene armed with his vicious, spider-killing, energy-producing bident! He is about to run Noir Spidey through when poof! Spider-Ock appears, snatches Noir Spidey and morphs back to the 2099! We are left with Noir Spidey being introduced to a handful of other Spider-men (and women) from various timelines. And fini.


Having previously sampled some of the original Spider-Man Noir series, I thought it was a real treat to experience the reunion of writers David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky and artist Richard Isanove.

Hine and Sapolsky do a great job of setting the background, laying out the story, and touching off the spider-verse event in a very limited amount of space. They do an excellent job of subtly incorporating actual 1930s events into the background and discussion to give a very real feel to the story. For example, Peter’s inner monologue reveals that MJ just returned from fighting in the Abraham Lincoln Battalion during the Spanish Civil War. It’s only a few panels, but the writing hints at Peter’s anxiety not only when she left, but his anxiety that something in MJ has changed since she was on the frontlines. It’s also revealed that maybe Peter feels guilty – he all these spider powers and yet it is MJ who goes off to try save the world from fascism.
The artwork in this particular example also reveals the same anxieties hinted at in his inner-monologue, from Peter’s change in facial expression to MJ acting aloof while Peter and Aunt May discuss Salvador Dali. It’s a great thing to have the art correspond so fully with the writing. In addition, Isanove captures the noir look expertly, weaving in copious amount of shadows juxtaposed with occasional brilliant lights. The combination of art deco and gothic feel to their surroundings alone could reveal to a read that these characters are in 1930s New York City.

The whole creative team seems to be both noir and Spider-fans as they adeptly blend the best of both of these worlds. The dark grittiness characteristic of the noir genre is there, but without it superceding Spider-Man; in other words it is Spider-Man made “noir” and not a noir story that has a spider-man. So, as far as it being a good Spider-Man Noir issue this hit the nail on the head. The Spider-Verse story was not advanced all that much, but we kind of figured that as this is Edge of Spider-Verse. In summary, as a stand alone one-shot it’s worth checking out. In terms of it being an essential, “must-get” for the lead-up to Spider-Verse? We essentially got the same closing panel as Superior Spider-Man # 32 so meh, not really. 

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 1.5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 01 October 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 1.5 

Learning to Crawl: Part 5

This is the final installment for Learning to Crawl, a five part miniseries focused on an unknown story of Spider-Man in his early days. So far in the last few issues we've learnt a few new things about Spider-Man that we did not previously know.

Just to list them all quickly:

  1.  Spider-Man was not automatically the do-gooder we know after Uncle Ben's death
  2.  Spidey had a huge fan who went bad as a result of his bad example - Clash
  3.  We learnt the reasons why Aunt May and Jameson hate Spider-Man
  4. Spider-Man quit being Spider-Man soon after he became Spider-Man

This issue begins with Peter, having retired from being Spider-Man after failing to beat Clash even with his ultra scientific geek mode super weapon he created, Peter was out-scienced.

Peter has resorted to using his super powers to take pictures for the bugle, helping Aunt May settle the bills. Everything about Peter Parker is returning to the way it was, including him being bullied in school.

Naturally, Peter feels extremely lonesome, unable to make any friends and unable to show that he is actually no longer the weak nerd he once was.

In the meantime, Clash is getting all the publicity he dreamed of, crashing wrestling matches to gain publicity and gaining recognition in public. The teenage scumbags all love him and even have tattoos of him. Eventually Clayton gathers the courage to call Polly, the girl he met in Amazing Spider-Man # 1.3

Meanwhile, Aunt May, having noticed Peter's glum appearance decides to have a little chat with him one night. She asks if Uncle Ben had his 'responsibility and power' talk with him yet, to which Peter replies that he has.

Aunt May tells Peter that Uncle Ben had a power, the power to have fun and share joy with others. While telling this to Peter, Aunt May pretends that she just sneezed her teeth out with some false chattering teeth to which Peter begins to laugh hysterically.

Aunt May tells Peter how Uncle Ben loved to hear him laugh like that. After that conversation, Peter decides that he has been going about being Spider-Man all wrong by trying to honor how Uncle Ben died instead of how he lived.

The next day, Clayton is about to meet Polly at school but decides that he would be more comfortable being Clash instead. At the sight of Clash, everyone scatters and calls the police. Clash goes straight for Polly and sound waves her friends away when they try to protect her.

Just in time however, Spider-Man catches them all with his webs. Both Spider-Man and Clash battle it out for a final time, except this time Spider-Man fights like the Spider-Man we all know- the joke telling Spider-Man.

Spidey makes a fool of Clash, which gains the attention and laughs of the students around. At the end of the battle, Spider-Man webs Clash up in such a way that in order for Clash to break free, he would have to pop his own ear drums, which obviously was not the preferable choice for him. Spidey then unmasks Clash to reveal Clayton and leaves him his autograph, as he did once before in Amazing Spider-Man # 1.1, only this time, it is signed " Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man."

And so begins the adventure of the Spider-Man we all know and have been reading about for the last 50 years.


This whole series, and the title suggests is about how Peter Parker learnt to crawl and get on his two feet donning the shoes of Spider-Man. Peter did not start out perfect as we thought, and his mistakes caused him notable enemies like Jonah Jameson, and other more dangerous, but less notable enemies like Clash.

Peter created the Menace image for himself back in his early days when he was not too sure why he was being Spider-Man.

At the start of this review I pointed out four new things we learnt in each of the last four issues of this story. In this issue, we learn how and why Spider-Man became the fun loving Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The persona of Uncle Ben, the man who used his ability to bring joy to others is portrayed as best as Peter can as Spider-Man.

Also, as much as Aunt May would probably regret in time to come, she helped bring Peter, and thus Spider-Man back to life.

To be honest, I am not too impressed by this whole series. It would have been fine to think that Spider-Man turned out to be the way he was immediately after Uncle Ben's death. While this story explains some unanswered questions about the past, the truth is that nobody was ever asking those questions.

Nevertheless, the whole thing is still an entertaining read for Spider-Man die-hard fans.


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